Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Statistically Speaking

While 2009 was one of the most eventful years of my entire life - what with Jon springing this whole Caribbean medical school thing on me, quitting the job I loved, selling most of our possessions and moving to a third world country (not to mention a trip to NYC somewhere there in the mix) - 2010 was by far the most boring. In fact, if it weren't for that blessed Disney World vacation in April to break up the monotony, I may very well have gone crazy.

Now, back on the island for the last time, I'm focusing on embracing this simple lifestyle for these next three months. Because, really, when will I ever have this chance again? NEVER, that's when. Though I'm still finding it hard to dig up feelings of sadness when I think of our time here winding to a close. Probably because this is my second time returning to Statia with the idea that it would be the last, and that well ran dry in September when I abruptly went from feeling nostalgic to realizing we'd be staying for two more terms. Anyway the point is getting away from me. I know I will always look fondly back on this experience, but at the same time I'm more than ready for it to be over. This coming year will bring an end to our time on Statia and a beginning to the next chapter, whatever that may be.

On to the reason for this post. Blog stats!! I got the idea from my friend Bridget. Here is my blog's year in review.

Total visits: 8,665
Unique visitors: 3,732
Page views: 13,323
Google Reader subscribers: 48. When contemplating this meager number, please bear in mind that some people don't use Google Reader, namely my mom.

Total number of posts: 88
Total number of comments: 405
Least number of comments on a post: Zero (on this one. Thanks a lot.)
Highest number of comments on a post: 29 (here.)

Traffic overview:

Top countries:

1. US
2. Canada
3. Netherlands Antilles
4. UK
5. Mexico
6. Japan
7. Australia
8. Germany
9. United Arab Emirates
10. Iraq

(past number three and omitting the UAE, I have no idea)

Top states:

1. Utah
2. New York
3. Idaho
4. Texas
5. Arizona
6. California
7. Nevada
8. Alaska
9. Washington
10. Florida

A hit from each state!

Top referring sites:
1. Facebook
2. Blogger
3. Google
4. (private)
10. Bing

Most viewed posts:
1. Names 2009!
2. Names 2008!
3. The Reveal4. Our weekend... and a note on names
5. Office bugs
6. Photobombing
7. About
8. Jessie’s Laws of Sacrament Meeting
9. More about us...Through Pictures
10. The Most. Ridiculous. Cake. Ever!

Top keywords that led to my blog:

1. office bugs
2. bloggityblog
3. jessica jensen blog
4. bloggity blog
5. ridiculous cakes
6. je vais aller a Paris
7. ridiculous cake
9. bugs in the office

Best keywords that led to my blog (evaluated by yours truly):

Man having a seizure
Beard dye
Sarah palin pantyhose
What does the name Kaybree mean
Ant in bellybutton
I don’t believe in spinach
A zoomed in picture of just a king crab
Meaning for krayson
Meaning of ashtynn
Meaning of kaybree
Meaning of the name kazley
My comfortable bra is threadbare
Retarded cat cake
Tayvian meaning
Totally #### up names (censoring not by me)
Valries ugly chicken face
What is the meaning of the name Chasitie
Xoie name meaning

Of course, I love the ones seeking meaning in made-up names the most. I like to imagine their disappointment when they see my remarks (and the comments).
Thanks for reading!


  1. You took the comment right from my fingers-- too bad for all those moms of potential "kaybrees."

    I'm surprised so many hits came through my blog! Nice. They're probably just passing right on through to get to you. Jerks.

  2. I have an ugly chicken face. :(

  3. Ant in belly button, all the way.

  4. You really have no idea why someone from Iraq would have looked at your blog in the last year?

  5. Hooray for UAE and possibly some of your New York traffic! That's me.

  6. Um yeah you do have brother Jake that spent some time in the EYE rack as well as Affgannistann.

  7. I'm hugely shocked that so many hits came through my blog! No one comments on mine and just comes straight to you... jerks!

  8. Dangit! Sorry, Jake, I confused your two trips and thought you were in AFGHANISTAN last year. They're pretty much the same country in my mind I guess. Also, I'm a terrible person.

  9. Hmmm. Interesting. Our brother reads your blog....not mine.