Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just call me Evelyn Couch

First of all, my last post was my 400th, and I didn't even know it until now. So much for being sentimental.

Second of all, celebrity look-alike generator.

Pretty asian girl. I'll take it.

Asian guy. Could be worse.

Kathy Bates.

AND I CAN TOTALLY SEE THE RESEMBLANCE!! (Still, it's better than when Corinne got Roald Dahl.)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Another one

[Scene: Annie's living room, playing Catch Phrase]

Jon: A famous author! He wrote.....Moby Dick?
Me: Herman Melville!!!!!
Jon: [three seconds of silence] ...Um, he wrote a different book....

The answer was Victor Hugo, btw.

St. Jon

Me: Look at the name of that company! "Forsgren Electric"!
Jon: I once knew a girl named Natalie Forsgren.
Me: Forsgren! Did you call her Natalie Foreskin??
Jon: No.
Me: Why not??
Jon: Because I was nice.

Corinne's response to this conversation: "He's a saint."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shout Hooray

Today is my niece Pearl's 3rd birthday! I've already posted her card to Twitter and Facebook in addition to emailing it to her mom, but I can't see why that should stop me from displaying it on my blog as well.

It took me a good 45 minutes to make, though the first half-hour was dedicated to scouring the internet for THE single best unicorn picture available. It was soon apparent that it would have to be a collage. Related: I don't recommend Googling images of unicorns, innocuous as it may seem, with a child on your lap. (Then again, I don't recommend Googling images of ANYTHING with a child nearby.) Or at least don't go as far down the rabbit hole as I did. Something about a human with a horn growing out of his forehead, and shriveled-up horse fetuses, and nightmare-inducing narwhals, and the like.


"He likes to look out the window, but he doesn't like to hold his own head"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Miscellany

I've been neglecting the pictures on my iPhone. I blame the HORRIBLE photo organization on Mac computers (and don't suggest that I use iPhoto because I hate that for separate reasons).

Ugh, first world problems, sorry. These pictures span the past couple of months.

At the gem show in Salt Lake with my mom. She was in heaven.

That same weekend, we went to Music and the Spoken Word at the old tabernacle building on Temple Square. I hadn't been since I was a kid.

My aunt Becky and me.

Christa!! It really has been a miracle that we've seen each other so often these past few months. We've gone years, in the past. Sad but true. This was after dinner at Blue Iguana, downtown Salt Lake. GO THERE. (It's the same as Red Iguana, just their second location, if that means anything to you.)

Nest in my parents' yard.

Craaaaaazy hail storm on our way back to Idaho from Alberta. We had to pull over TWICE. Some were as big as marbles. This picture does it no justice. Too bad.

Putting stuff on your dog is addictive. For your sake, I've eliminated several others including Jon's shorts on Penny, Penny-wrapped-in-yet-more-towels, etc etc. You get the idea.

Ada at tumbling class.

Peacock at the zoo in Idaho Falls.

Ada brushing a goat.

Baby zebra nursing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 Reminds me of this old post of mine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good dog

It doesn't go so well when she tries to sit on Penny.

Monday, July 18, 2011

As promised...

Watering plants, right after picking strawberries from the garden (missed THAT photo op).

My other niece Norah (Jon's sister's daughter) came for a couple of hours. Here the girls are headed to the barn with Jon.

Hi, Jill.

Watching Quincy


Nothing slows this kid down.

Norah, a little uncertain about the carousel. She eventually came around to the idea and decided to ride it again, on the bench.

Drying out after getting a little too wet at the splash park.

Ada sliding.

Ada sliding headfirst.

In conclusion, I submit to you four times in the past week that I wish I'd had a video camera rolling:

1) When Ada made her little stuffed puppy "pet" Penny with its hand.
2) When Ada was watching Yo Gabba Gabba clips on my parents' slow internet and intermittently screaming when the video paused to buffer.
3) When Ada accidentally turned on the Roomba and thought it was chasing her. Again with the screaming.
4) When Norah kept calling my mom's horses "cows".

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A 2 year old in Sacrament meeting

Sometimes it takes two people, and magic tickling fingers, to subdue a bench-kicking toddler. And I don't want to hear anything about taking pictures during Sacrament meeting. The moment called for it.

Related: My sister Corinne and her daughter Ada are here for a month! Plan on photo overload as a result.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello again, Idaho

The Mazda made the trip back like a champion after the guys at Canadian Tire wrapped a couple of zip ties around her air intake sensor. That was the issue all along and I don't want to talk about how we replaced the fuel pump even though it was completely unrelated to the actual problem.

Pictures! Here's the remainder of our trip to the Great White North.

Jon and Norah looking for gophers in Waterton National Park.

I want five for pets.

Cameron Falls

Stole Jon's hoodie for a while. It was freezing.

At Red Rock. Returned Jon's hoodie, stole my mother-in-law's coat.

Blackiston Falls

Terrifying thunderhead above Lethbridge, Alberta. The cloud was rotating and we followed it a ways in the Mazda, certain it would start spouting tornadoes. It didn't. But the weather was inclement for days, and a couple of nights later there was the most fantastic electrical storm I've ever seen.

At the driving range. Jon consistently drives over 300 yards. I am able to consistently make contact with the ball, sometimes.

We were lucky enough to be in town for Jon's cousin Mike's wedding. This was taken after the family dinner in Cardston. It's blurry because it was A) taken with a phone, and B) an accidental movie.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun with Screen Capture, Episode II

My desktop is again polluted with funny things I've collected around the internet, so here's another dumping ground for it all.

The name and photo on this Facebook profile belong to my friend on Statia, Rebecca Cooper. This, however, is not the real Rebecca Cooper's Facebook profile. Some lady stole both her name AND picture and is pretending to be her online (I clicked through her other pictures and the fake-Rebecca is revoltingly grotesque, which might explain the stealing of the photo). Anyway, that is all of no consequence with regard to this post. The point is, check out the fake-Rebecca's religious views:

"Babtist". Ugly AND stupid. I might borrow an identity, too, if I were her.

Next! I tried to Skype with Lianna and Pearl the other day, but there was a horrible connection (be sure to click on that link to remind yourself that Lianna is NOT a noseless monster in real life):

One of my Facebook friends had a baby on Mother's Day, and someone I don't know wrote this on the announcement:

(It's been on my desktop ever since, entitled "Who are you calling disabled??")

Skype chat from my sister:

Reminiscing about an ill-conceived church service project circa 2002:

And finally, you'd better BELIEVE that come November 25th, this will be my Facebook profile picture: