Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been a great couple of weeks here in Idaho - visiting family, eating yummy food, watching movies, etc. Penny and Gunner are tolerant of each other for 80 percent of the time, which is better than the first couple of days. Though Gunner would still forcibly paw Penny into the ground at any given moment if we didn't keep a constant eye on them. Here's the problem: Gunner is crazy, so Penny always ends up a barking mess every time he tries to play with her. Sometimes Penny forgets herself and tries to stir the pot a little, too. They're both just sort of dumb, I guess.

This is the closest I could get them together for a photo. Jon saw this picture and started singing "Now let me tell ya 'bout my best friend..."

Her face says it all.

Jon's sister Kelsey lives in Rexburg and we've gone down to visit with her, her baby girl Norah, and her husband a couple of times. (Ignore the fact that my camera seems to be incapable of focusing on the right subject. It was the cheapest one we could find. Four years ago.)

Annie and Steve came up from Utah for the weekend. We all went to see Harry Potter on Saturday morning. Luckily we got there an hour early; otherwise we might never have gotten seats.

The movie was great. We all loved it.

That same day, we all went through a session at the Rexburg temple. Directly afterwards we got lunch at Quiznos followed closely by dessert at Coldstone. When my dad ordered mocha ice cream, the girl looked at his suit and tie and asked, "Do you know it's made from real coffee?" ONLY. IN. REXBURG!!!!

Yesterday we had a fun picnic at Rigby Lake. Penny became a pro swimmer, it was sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

That catches you all up to speed. Now, to conclude, brace yourselves for the best movie of the year:

PS - My old babysitter is coming over for dinner. As the often retold story goes, she was washing dishes after we were all supposed to be in bed when I came sneaking out of my room and bit her on the butt. Surprise!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I do realize that I'm most likely the last person on earth to experience Photo Booth, but knowing my propensity for taking ugly pictures of myself, I'm sure you can imagine how much fun I had with it. For about three hours. Over a span of several days. Enjoy.

(obviously my favorite)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

hot mess

We made it. After about 20 miserable hours in the un-air-conditioned Mazda, we finally pulled into my parent's driveway on Wednesday. Penny and Gunner were introduced. Gunner thinks Penny is a furry delight that he'd like to carry around in his mouth. Penny, understandably, is not okay with that. We spent one day in Idaho before turning around and driving back to Salt Lake (this time with AC) to pick up our belongings. Within 24 hours, we were back unloading them into my parent's garage, and subsequently their basement. That was yesterday. Today we're just trying to relax in between breaking up dog fights. Jon's nursing a sore back. My mom is asleep. It's been a tiring few days, but I finally have a moment to catch my blog up to date, so there it is.

One last thing. The man conducting Sacrament meeting today read a message from the stake presidency pertaining to seating at the upcoming community production of 'Seussical the Musical'. I looked around to see if anyone else thought it was odd, but I think I was on my own.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday Blip

Two things:

1) Jon sneezed in Best Buy on Saturday and his gum came flying out of his mouth. It skipped across the floor a couple of times before coming to a stop. Some chick looked at it, then at Jon, in sheer disgust. He plucked it off the carpet and threw it in a nearby trash can. I laughed for an hour.


[Pictures redacted cuz I read an article about someone being fined for posting images without consent, and I most certainly didn't ask the photographers for consent, and I don't wanna get fined. They were images of self-indulgent shirtless dads holding their newborns and I DO NOT APPROVE.]

Uhhhh........I'm appalled.