Baby Names

My husband and I used to live in a little town in Southeastern Idaho called Rexburg.  There's a culture there, and in surrounding areas (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, UTAH) of people giving their children all manner of atrocious made-up and misspelled names. (People outside of Idaho and Utah do too, of course, but these two states are trendsetters - see here if you disagree.)

The local paper publishes the names of all the children born the previous year, or at least the ones whose parents love them enough to pay the required fee, in an annual insert. When we moved, laughing maniacally at that yearly paper was the one thing I knew I'd miss from Rexburg.

BUT IN STEPPED MY MOM TO SAVE THE DAY. She still lives in the area, you see, and just a few months after Jon and I moved to Arizona, a parcel arrived in our mailbox unannounced. I spent the next hour gleefully scoffing at the names and posted the worst offenders to my little blog.

That was nine years ago, and my mom has been mailing me the list ever since. The following is the complete anthology in reverse chronological order - enjoy!



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  2. A couple of years ago my wife and I stopped in Rexburg for a few days on our way South in our annual migration away from winter in Canada. Immediately before leaving I had worked several weeks in Northern Alberta on a mining site and living in a construction camp. It was the United Nations with every ethnicity represented in the work force.

    Walking into the Walmart in Rexburg I felt really uneasy. In a few moments it was obvious what was causing this Twilight Zone feeling. I said to my wife, "There's nothing but white people here." Just something we're not used to anymore just about anywhere else we go.

  3. My pal Wes Clark came up with this gem, if you have friends who lack a proper Wasatch Front imagination:

    Utah Baby Namer

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  6. My mom works at an elementary school and sees some very interesting names. My favorite story - she was registering a kid at her school and the mom said her name was (not this exact spelling, but I had to spell it like this for the punch line) "FEM-ALI Smith". My mom commented that that was an interesting name, and the kid said "When my mom had me in the hospital, they brought her me to her they already had a name tag on my wrist it said 'FEM-ALI Smith' ". My mom thought and pondered about this and she asked them to spell it; "F-E-M-A-L-E Smith" FEMALE (pronounced Fem-alie)!!! It said Female, Smith, so they could match up the mom and baby after she was born and the mom just kept it! Spelling and all!!

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