Monday, June 23, 2008


First, look at this blog. My brother-in-law Kyle sent me this link while I was at work, and I laughed until I cried. Really. At work. It was kind of embarrassing. At least, it would have been, if anyone had seen. Anyway...

Is it any surprise that I've bombed my own fair share of photos? In fact, my friend Brittany posted THIS one on her blog just a couple of days ago, so you can imagine how excited I was that I was introduced into the company of so many other bombers. (Granted, that picture was silly to begin with, but they had no idea of the true horror that was taking place behind them until the film was developed.)

Another classic move of mine is to hijack cameras from unsuspecting people, and then take a hideous photo, and then put the camera back undetected. So two weeks later, someone is looking through all their happy, fun photos and WHAM. There I am.

And no matter HOW many times I steal my brother-in-law Steve's phone and put an ugly picture of myself as his background, he still accidentally leaves it lying around in one room while he's in the next.

I guess that this picture that I just posted last week could be considered an attempted photobomb, except that the hooligan kids in front of us were inexplicably in on the joke.

Anyway, all these thoughts went through my mind when I first viewed the link that Kyle sent me, but THEN a new image swam to the front of my mind. In a split second I went from reminiscing about THIS picture that we took last summer with Annie's stolen phone.....

(This is my mom's favorite ugly picture of me. I use the word "favorite" loosely.) searching frantically for THIS photo, taken by me, via disposable camera, at Corinne and Kyle's wedding.

I love how Corinne is standing in the receiving line all by herself while her groom takes the moment to dart into photographs. And I love how this would actually be a really cute picture of Annie, except for Kyle in the background. And I love how Annie spent the next three minutes after I took this asking why Kyle and I were laughing so hard. And I love that I was able to dig up this photo of Kyle himself photobombing, when he was the one that had sent me the link that started this entire thought process to begin with.


Edited to Add: One time, I THOUGHT I took a sneaky picture with Annie's camera, but it was actually MY camera, so I surprised myself with a surprise ugly photo.


  1. photo bombing is more fun than getting married

  2. Wow. That second to last photo is even more spectacular blown up large. I've only ever seen it teeny, as surprise wallpaper on my cell phone.
    And I just barely got WHY you guys were laughing so hard at Corinne's reception, because neither of you would tell me and I've never seen this picture before now. It's all coming together, finally.
    And that was hilarious when you thought it was my camera insted. I didn't even have a camera with me that day!!

  3. Photo bombing is also called "That Guy"/"That Girl". I was at the Riverwalk in San Antonio a few summers ago and as I was walking by there was a group of college kids out front of a restaurant taking a picture (with the Riverwalk in the background). Since I was walking behind the group of people (and am awesome and was paying attention) as soon as they were posing I stopped, stood on my tip-toes and made an awesome face. Somewhere, someone has a picture of "That Valry". I'm awesome.