Monday, January 06, 2014

Blog Stats 2013

Here's what was up with this little blog o' mine in 2013.

Total visits: 28,745
Unique visitors: 19,059
Page views: 53,561
Average visit duration: 2:14

Total number of posts: 47
Total number of comments: 387
Least comments on a post: Zero, on this one and this one.
Most comments on a post: 235
Total number of comments minus above outlier (let's keep things real here): 152
Average number of comments per post: 8.2
Average number of comments per post minus outlier: 3.3

Traffic overview:

Top countries:
United Kingdom

Top states:
New York

Top referring sites:
Twitter (private blog)

Most viewed posts (includes posts written in previous years):
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Most viewed posts that were written in 2013:
Names 2012!
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Crochet Bunting

Top keywords that led to my blog:
bloggity blog
jessica jensen blog
baby names 2011 Idaho
poo free
jessica jensen
life in the caribbean
jessie jensen
crochet baby bonnets free patterns
toe cramp
lump on eyelid

Best keywords that led to my blog (anything in italics is my own commentary):
“pencil toes”
baby name kreed
berlynn baby name
buffalo diorama
BYU-I naked juice
clamato juice as soup
draven brown rexburg id
eject womb
elderly baby bibs
fart nazi
force teen to wear modest clothing (tell me how that goes!)
girl name trey brax
how come they named idaho idaho
how do doctors remove a ball from an eyelid (it's not pretty)
is vestal a boys name
jessica jensen – ready to sin
jessica jensen bliggidy blog
jimmer riggins rowdy brennicka
life in caribian
making babies in the closet
memphis, tn twins lemonjello and orangejello
muscliest woman
no one would believe me
paxton baby name reviews 2013 (Is Paxton the baby name? Then have I got a review for you!)
perfect slave
real four head snake
recksburg odd baby names blog
shake a face
temple wedding mutual activity (oooooooooooooooooo, creepy!)
the bloppity blog
we got our dog rex from a couple in rexburg, Idaho
what is the phonetically worst sounding girls name? (I submit 'Aspyn Anna')
what kind of bird sounds like a squeaky porch swing
what kind of blog names are out there (all sorts!)
white puli poo
why lds girls can’t wear shorts to girls camp (You see, once there was a group of people called the Pharisees, and they built fences around the law…)

The end!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Jensen Family Christmas (in Southern Alberta)

If I had to summarize the trip in one word it would be BABIES.

This video would have been a whole lot better quality had my camera not crapped out on me halfway through the trip forcing me to consolidate (what was) HD footage with iPhone footage.

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

Jensen Family Christmas from Jessie Jensen on Vimeo.

First song ("The Christmas Song") performed by Catherine Feeny on the album "The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs" produced by Epic records.

Second song ("Put the Lights on the Tree") performed by Sufjan Stevens on the album "Songs for Christmas" produced by Asthmatic Kitty.

I don't own the rights to either song. It's a family video, not for personal gain. My blog and my videos are not monetized. I linked to where people can purchase the albums. Have I covered all my bases? I guess we'll see!!