Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prepare to fall off your chair.

Jon took Penny outside to pee yesterday morning and was chatting with two neighbors, one of which had a chihuahua on a leash. The chihuahua attacked Penny, who ran in a circle around Jon, somehow causing his tear-away athletic pants to FALL COMPLETELY TO THE GROUND. He was just standing there in his underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Additional reading:

1) The woman with the naughty dog screamed, "I'm so sorry! I promise I didn't look!!" and Jon casually remarked, "What? It's just underwear...", collected his pants and snapped them back together.

2) Every single snap had come undone except for the two at his ankles.

3) I said, "So I guess this means you're never wearing those pants in public again" and he goes, "Huh? was just a freak occurrence."

4) He didn't even wake me up to tell me!! When I staggered out of the bedroom bleary-eyed, I found him checking his Facebook.

5) The retelling went something like this:

Jon: So, I took Penny outside this morning, was talking to our neighbors, and a chihuahua attacked her.
Me: [gasp] What????? Is she okay????????????
Jon: That's not the end of the story. Penny ran around my legs............[dramatically rips his pants off, drops them to the ground]
Me: [crumples, maniacal laughter mingled with apologies, screaming incoherent sentence fragments, rolling]

6) This blog post has his blessing.


  1. Thank you for letting me re-live the telling of that. It can still illicit tears.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am LITERALLY laughing out loud. (And I don't use LOL lightly.) Best story ever! Reminds me of one time at church after Sacrament meeting, I glanced over and saw a lady and man chatting by the door, and all of a sudden her slip just fell down around her ankles. Her skirt was still up, but the elastic waistband in her slip had snapped and it just fell down in a little pool around her feet. Ha!

  3. yep--months later and it still got a chuckle.