Friday, August 12, 2016

Beautiful BC

Two weeks after we got back from Utah and Idaho, we flew up to Vernon, British Columbia to spend four days with Jon's sister Caylee and her family. It was our first time there (even though they've lived there for five years, how terrible of us), and my first time in British Columbia. I can't believe it took me so long! Paradise.

Our flight got in reeeeeeeally late, so we weren't expecting this welcoming committee at the airport. Pleasant surprise!

It was dark when we got in, but we woke up to this view. Incredible.

Tatum and me just picking peaches in the backyard, NBD.

Feeding cows(?) at Davison Orchard.

There was this ramp and platform, and a pulley system you could use to raise the pellets up to them. Delightful.

Cherry pit spitting contest. (The cherry juice washed right out of my shirt, thank you very much.)

On our way to learn about apples 'n s***!

I paddle boarded! And I was pretty good at it! Jon managed to stay standing juuuust long enough for the next picture.

Jeeps, man

Dinner at Sparkling Hill Resort. We got a corner table with panoramic sunset view.

Swan Lake

I went into full snack mode at the drive-in. Hot dog, fries, popcorn, bomb pop, watermelon sours

Chase's mouth!


Found this picture on my phone hours after the fact. (Jon's phone went for a dip on day 1 so we shared)

Went on the most magical hike at Silver Star. I was not expecting this amount of wildflowers.


Walked to the beach one morning and had it to ourselves...

..and returned with the crew later in the day.


Jon and Sam

Went to an apiary!

Dinner out the night before we left.

(Click through to view. Really. Do it.)

Next trip: HAMILTON IN NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!