Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6 Years

I can honestly say that when we first met, I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would have imagined we'd end up on a tiny island in the Caribbean. Thanks for taking me on this adventure :)

Photos by our friend, the glorious, awe-inspiring, illustrious Rebecca Cooper.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Day

Ada's wardrobe wasn't entirely conducive to playing in the snow, so Corinne had to improvise. I was zipping up my second layer when she said, "Wait, you're getting a little ahead of things. Ada doesn't even have her plastic bags on yet". Quote of the year.

Friday, December 10, 2010


We took Ada out to play in the snow today. I've been uploading pictures for the past 80 minutes (stupid middle-of-nowhere internet!) and it's late so I'm giving up for the night. Here's a sneak peek:

......yeah. Check back tomorrow sometime for the rest.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

From this... to this.

I'm in Idaho! My flight from Statia to Salt Lake took two days and FOUR legs, the first of which landed me in St Maarten overnight.

Jon had booked me a 99 dollar room so I wasn't expecting much. Silly me! I ended up in a huge suite RIGHT on the beach. As in doorstep, sidewalk, sand. The view from my bedroom:

I checked in too late to do much more than a quick dip in the ocean before it was time for dinner.
The view from my seat in the restaurant.

Now brace yourselves for the moment of the year. I was sitting at the table, hands in my lap, reading over the dinner options intently when a sudden gust of wind PLASTERED THE MENU TO MY FACE. I pried it off and made it a point to NOT look around for witnesses. Nothing worse than making eye contact with a stranger after something like that.

The next morning I was driven bright and early to the airport by a taxi driver listening to an interesting rendition of Hark the Herald Angels Sing played entirely on a chorus of kazoos. The only other remarkable event between that and arriving in Utah was when, on my flight from Miami to Dallas, I felt a little wiggly nudge on the back of my right arm.


Someone's FOOT on MY armrest!! I gaped at it for a good five seconds before elbowing it out of the way. These are some sharp elbows, too. I got my message across.

Then, finally, Utah. My mom, sisters, and I spent a night in Salt Lake before heading up to Annie's place in Heber (stopping at the Outlets in Park City on the way, of course). I waved at the sign for Vernal, too, because there are supposedly people in Vernal that read my blog, or so Google Analytics tells me.


The only hole in Annie's entire driveway! Of course that would be the one place I stepped! Hooray for falling while carrying an armload of luggage to the car!

After a couple of days in Heber we drove up to Idaho sans Annie :( Not everyone can take five-week-long vacations :(

Ada and Corinne watching quarter-sized snowflakes fall at my parent's house:

Looks like it'll be another white Christmas in St Anthony.


PS - Check out this video clip on Corinne's blog. Make sure you're wearing a helmet or something for when your head explodes from cuteness.

Also - Gunner peed on the Christmas tree.