Sunday, April 25, 2010

Disney World Picture Overload

Okay. Disney World. In two words: AWESOME and exhausting. I ate good food. I rode rides. I laughed until it hurt. I bombed many a photo. It was nonstop action from 7 in the morning until midnight each night, and I feel like I’m still trying to unwind and catch up on sleep (though it might have more to do with the cold I caught a couple of days ago). But it was SO MUCH FUN.

First things first. We were lucky enough to follow this chick into Epcot on Day 1. Best skirt ever:

You are looking at butt cheeks and polkadot underwear. We joked about her the entire rest of the trip. For example, when sitting on a rough rock wall: “If I was that one girl, this would be really uncomfortable”. When boarding Thunder Mountain: “I hope that one chick didn’t ride in this seat today”. Endless jokes.

Speaking of bests – here’s the best janitor ever:

Broom + dustpan full of water + best janitor ever = disappearing Mickey art on the sidewalk.

On ‘It’s a Small World’ – this picture cracks me up, because that was Ada’s expression for the first twenty minutes of that ride. Eyes and mouth wide open. In high school I used to babysit a little boy her age whose parents swore by Baby Mozart…he wore that exact same expression each time I pressed ‘play’. “It’s a Small World” is just as mind-numbing. By the end of the ride, I looked just like Ada.

Near the end of our first day, my brother’s wife Serena arrived. Jake couldn’t make the trip from Iraq, so she came without him. With the rest of the husbands missing, this trip was more of an “all-girls plus The General” thing. Here we are the morning of our second day (which we spent in Animal Kingdom, which was awesome).

Best sign ever:
This was in the shuttle we took each morning. At first I was confused. I am NOT gratitude is appreciated. Then I figured it out, and from then on I was sure to thank him warmly each time I exited.

Corinne and Serena before the Bug’s Life 3-D show (which I HATE, btw.) This was right before the announcement to cease taking flash pictures in the waiting room.

I rode it five times.

It’s hard to tell that we’re COMPLETELY soaked from the Kali River ride, because we’re so soaked that we’re a uniform color. My shirt was light grey previously.

Ada peering at me on the safari ride.

Flying fox


AMAZING animal enclosures

So proud of this action shot.

Those of us who rode Expedition Everest (everyone minus my mom...boooooo!!)

Last thing in Animal Kingdom – I didn’t get a picture of this, but it was HILARIOUS and I wish I had. We were waiting for a parade to start when a family walked passed us, and the tiny girl in the stroller was hugging an enormous, plastic, spiky, angry-looking T-rex toy. It was as big as she was. Such a welcome sight after two days of seeing little girls dancing around Disney World in princess dresses. I hope my kids are that rad.

OH MY GOSH, so I learned about this glorious thing called a Cuban sandwich on Food Network a few weeks ago, and I ATE ONE in Downtown Disney. It was everything I’d hoped it would be. And yes, I do realize I was probably the last person on earth who didn't know what a Cuban sandwich was.

Day three - Universal Studios and Epcot. I RODE THIS:

In line for the Toy Story ride

Serena, when she and I ditched the 45 minute Ellen Degeneres 'ride' for ice cream:

Last day: Blizzard Beach and Magic Kingdom. Kyle came for this one day in the park before the trip down to Ft Lauderdale.

In our rashguards. Annie because of the sun thing, and me because I don’t need to be any more tan than I already am. Also, apparently I’m a giant.

On our way out of the water park I grabbed a half-dozen of these “mini donuts” that were so delicious I continued eating them even after I found a suspicious short curly black hair in one. I displayed it to everyone, threw that particular donut away, and kept eating. Kyle said he was impressed that I didn’t throw them all out. I told him it was nothing compared to the hairy scab I once fished out of my mouth when eating a Dairy Queen sundae. I was nauseous for two days.

Kyle to Corinne: “Just THINK of what this would do for our love life!!”

Oh gosh. I was planning to document Disney World and Ft Lauderdale all in one post, but I can see now that was a bad idea. So more pictures later. Kthxbai.


  1. I want to see the other half of that teacups picture!

  2. Um, I went to Cuba, and I DID NOT see one single thing that looked as delicious as that Cuban sandwich! And I have never heard of them either. Looks like you had a swell time, I'm a little bit jealous!

  3. I have always wanted to try a cuban sandwich. Corinne's bangs are super cute. I love the picture of kyle and ada sleeping, and I also love that ada has those little striped leggings from gap that norah had.
    Good call on skipping the ellen ride. . . how is that even possible?

    I just ate a blizzard yesterday and am extremely grateful that I didn't read this post before that.
    Yes, you are very tan.