Thursday, January 20, 2011


A few pictures from since we've been back:

Lianna and me at the first term party.

Jon and Alivia dancing.

The beach. There's SO MUCH SAND!!!!! (I could go on and on with the exclamation points)

First person to figure out what that creature is (bottom right) wins.

Big puffer fish by an old cannon.

Pearl frolicking in the sand:

CRAZY caterpillar! These things are HUGE. I've seen a few and finally had my camera on me this time:

(hand for size reference)

Today at the park:

(Check out the great mural of children's cartoons in the background. Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park.)

Love this sequence of photos:

Walking stick. I'm sort of proud of this picture:

The end. Perhaps someday soon a post with less than ten pictures and greater than fifty words. I said PERHAPS.


  1. turns out i'm not as "limber" as i used to be. LOL
    i swear i'm not retarded . . . just old, turns out