Sunday, January 01, 2012

Blog Stats 2011

Total visits: 29,017
Unique visitors: 17,803 (5 times as many as last year!)
Page views: 51,245
Google Reader subscribers: 94

Total number of posts: 127
Total number of comments: 599
Least number of comments on a post:  Zero (On this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. And that fourth one is really funny. WTH.)
Highest number of comments on a post: 125 (here.)
Most viewed post: Same as above (17,282 hits)

Traffic overview:

Top countries:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Netherlands
6. Netherlands Antilles
7. United Arab Emirates
8. Germany
9. New Zealand
10. Japan

Top states:

1. Utah
2. Idaho
3. California
4. New York
5. Texas
6. Arizona
7. Washington
8. Colorado
9. Virginia
10. Oregon

Top referring sites:

1. Facebook
2. Google
3. Blogger
5. (private blog)
7. Twitter

Most viewed posts:

1. Names 2010!
2. Names 2009!
3. Names 2008!
4. Our Weekend...and a Note on Names
5. About
6. The Reveal
7. Jessie's Laws of Sacrament Meeting
8. The Good Old Days
9. I predict a bidding war
10. Office Bugs

Top keywords that led to my blog:

1. bloggity blog (461)
2. office bugs (137)
3. blog names (128)
4. (119)
5. jessica jensen (104)
6. (75)
7. suntan pantyhose (61)
8. halloween pantyhose (56)
9. jessica jensen blog (56)
10. rexburg baby names (47)

Best keywords that led to my blog:

"krayson" name meaning
a nun eating
accidentally cut my hamster's skin
baby name trager
baby name riggin
beach slave
brown hairy scabs in my eyes
condensed milk exploded in my (Cliffhanger! In your what?? INNN YOURRR WHAAAAAAAT????)
couldn't feel the needle in the cyst
crazy old man eyebrows
deformed vagina (FOUR people found my blog with this keyword!)
don't name your daughter Idaho
fupa hugs
hairy butt cheeks
how many children named Lucifer in 2010 and 2011?
how to name your baby without handicapping it for life
is diesel a stupid child name
ive made up a beautiful babyname (Well I hope you live in Rexburg so we can all see it come March!)
matted pantyhose
mykaeleigh shinehah
old grandpa mouth
oompa loompa fupa
procedure to clean up human feces in parking lot
rexburf Idaho baby names [sic]
riduculous cake [sic]
strippers in Rexburg ID
tayvian meaning
tough cowboy unique made up baby boy names (future parent of a Stetson or Rowdy, perhaps?)
unitard and pantyhose
(aaaaand my personal favorite) why does my parents named me Jessica


  1. Fetch, I'm moving down the referral sites list. Jennie is beating me, and I'm pretty sure that I referred her in the first place. . . lol.

    The words that lead to your blog always make me laugh the hardest. "How to name your baby without handicapping it for life." At least someone cares enough to look it up!

  2. You have the BEST google searches for your blog. I never get anything that good. :(

    That's me clicking on your blog a lot from the UAE, by the way. Unless you have a lot of other friends here...?

  3. This is really awesome.

    The other day, I started to tell my husband a story from your blog, and I started the story by saying, "My friend Jessica...well, okay, I guess we're blog-buddies...well, wait, maybe she doesn't know who I am. Anyway, this girl whose blog I read..."

  4. Still laughing over that last one.

  5. Ha best google searches ever! glad to see my blog is still high up on the list! more people must read my blog than I thought!

  6. I am really glad you don't have ads or sponsors even though your blog is super popular.

  7. I actually enjoy though new posting. well done my friend well done