Thursday, March 10, 2011

Virtual Snorkeling

Our little underwater camera takes decent videos, though I've never had luck posting them to my blog. They always turn out grainy and awful, even when I don't compress the quality. Does Blogger do that automatically? Anyway, here's an assortment of videos I've taken snorkeling the past few days that hopefully aren't a complete eyesore.

Huge school of blue tang? I think? Watch for a lurking puffer fish at about 17 seconds:

The sea turtle! These are of the first one we saw, on Monday. In this first video, things get weird partway through because I dived down for a closer view:

Moray eel! I think. We'll just call it that, because it was an eel, and it had a really ugly face (photo in a future blog post). Beautiful color though - purple and yellow:

Trumpetfish! First one I've seen.

I looked up info on this thing and found out that trumpetfish are closely related to cornetfish. Go figure.

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