Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dear Vandals, You're Stupid, Kthxbai

A good part of my morning was spent on hold for the Tucson Police Department. When I finally got a hold of an officer, I was able to report that sometime between the hours of 7:00PM last night, and 7:30AM this morning, our office building was the victim of a drive-by shooting.

This is the second time since we moved into this building that we've been grateful they opted for the shatter-proof, double-paned windows. A few months ago, the newspaper delivery woman ran herself over with her car (at 3 in the morning), which somehow jumped the curb once she was positioned in front of it and mowed her over en route to hit the building. The glass didn't even crack. And she was fine. Okay she wasn't fine. Her leg was broken and she had to drag herself to her car to call 911 on her cell phone. But it could have been worse.

Other things I did today: Made about ninety phone calls to the building owner and contractors, had a meeting with a very nice lady cop, and found a couple of LOLcats that I had squirreled away on my hard drive for a rainy day. You know you love them.


  1. that sucks about the shooting, but that 2nd picture of the bullet hole is so rad!

  2. OK, I'll stop lurking and leave a message. LOL I was having the CRAPPIEST night, and I read your blog and all is well again. Seriously, you are a HOOT. Um, I mean funny. Thanks for the good laughs as always. I had to share a few laughs with my husband. He thanks you too for cheering me up via your blogolicious blog.

  3. Let me rephrase, your post about the shooting wasn't all that haha-ish but you really are funny.

  4. I;m glad you weren't shot in the head! How scary!

  5. Ahem....

    You need to stop playin' nice and bring out your inner gangsta. It's time to go to work with a gat strapped to your ankle. Get some hydrolics and spinnas on your jeep and put on some chola earrings.