Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not very tricky...

So after I went and bought a ton of Halloween candy, poured it all into one of those classic jack-o-lantern pails, and set it out on my desk for the entire office to enjoy, into my head popped the most hilarious scenario. It went like this: I choose one person at work and I don't let them take a piece of candy until they say "Trick or Treat". I make this person believe that I make everyone in the office say "Trick or Treat" before allowing them to take a piece of my candy. THEN, when a group of people are all standing around in the lobby, this person comes along for a little snack, says "Trick or Treat", waits for my approval before taking their candy, and everyone laughs at them. SO--- I picked my victim (it really wasn't a difficult decision, let's just leave it at that), and IT'S NOT WORKING. Apparently, he'd prefer just not have any candy at all rather than say "Trick or Treat". I probably should have foreseen that. Plan ruined.

What on earth could possibly be lamer than a motorcycle cop? How about a...?

Picture thanks to Jon, who is currently on his way home from his most recent trip to spend his SIXTH CONSECUTIVE WEEKEND at home with yours truly. The water you see in the picture is the Juan de Fuca Strait, which is not in South America at all. Not even close.


  1. Trick or Treat!

    I think bicycle cops may perhaps be lamer. But that's very, very lame.

  2. *sniff* oh how I miss the coast. Jessie, if you ever visit the Canadian West coast, you'll never want to leave. Although, as beautiful as it is, I'm a southern Alberta girl at heart and this is where I'll stay. :D

    Your scenario at the office would make a real funny on "the Office", tee hee.

  3. Pacific ocean = cold.

    I accidentally found the EXACT haircut I want and put it on my blog. I was so stunned that I actually found a picture of the haircut that now I don't think I want it anymore. Major let down.

  4. this guy, believe it or not, has a hard time chasing down hooligans in the ruckus laden town of Port Angeles. Too bad I forgot my passport because Victoria B.C. is just a half hour ferry ride from there. I guess I could have borrowed the lightning quick police issued segway and ran the border. Honestly, I just played out the entire scenario in my mind...oh dear.