Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween: The Golden Years

Halloween, the third best holiday of the year, is in two short days. In preparation, let's take a look back at some golden Sweet family moments.

Here we are, a joyful bunch, ready to begin a night of trick-or-treating in good old Rexburg, Idaho. As you can clearly see, I’m dressed as a Crayon, unitard-clad Annie is a pink panther, Jake is some sort of monster, and Corinne resembles the love-child of a gypsy and a candy corn (?). The first person to spot the coffee table that now resides in my living room wins.

This was mid Princess Phase. The Princess Phase went on for more years than I care to discuss. I will say that I have definitely seen happier pictures of myself. I’ve also seen more well-centered pictures, where the heads of ALL the children are visible. Sorry, Jake. Annie, dressed yet again as a feline, insisted on doing her own make-up for her cheetah costume. I’m not exactly sure what Corinne is going for in this picture, but it’s always fun to pair stirrup pants with a jean jacket, stick your hair in a couple of side ponytails and smear lipstick on your face in random splotches.

Now, I can’t blame this next picture on anyone but myself. My mom specifically asked us every single year what we wanted to be for Halloween, then she made every effort to make sure we could be what we had picked, even if it meant sewing costumes until her fingers bled. The point is, we always got to CHOOSE; because my mother was crafty, we never had to recycle a costume unless we wanted to. Well one unfortunate year, I had my heart set on being a pirate... and I’m not talking about a cute girl-pirate, either. Heck no. I wanted to be a plundering man-pirate, complete with a scratchy beard, eye patch, and pantaloons tucked into my boots. My dear mom made my dream a reality.

Oh my.

Anyway, the real reason for this trip down memory lane is to lead up to my costume for THIS year. I’ve known for months what I’m going to be and I could NOT be more excited about it. In case anyone wants to guess at what it might be, here are a couple of hints:

1) Never mind, you don’t get any hints. Anything I say will give it away. But you can guess anyway, if you want. Or not. Stay tuned for pictures!!


  1. I'm guessing you're going to dress up as something Tucson-themed. Maybe a cactus. Or suburban sprawl.

    Actually, I guess it'd have to be "sexy cactus" or "sexy suburban sprawl."

    Jon's going to find a way to cross-dress, I'm sure.

  2. SUBURBAN SPRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    Jessie, Kyle is my new hero.

    Anyway, I have no idea what you'll be dressing as. I've been planning for months to go home to me ma'am's for Halloween, but, uh, apparently she's not going to be there. So I get to spend the most fun holiday weekend sitting alone in my house. I will probably have a Jane Austen marathon, since I either own a copy of or have access to every film adaptation known to man kind.

    Suburban sprawl....oh man, that's awesome.

    PS - I spotted the coffee table. Yay, I win.

  3. pirates are great. i think i already know what you're being, but i can't wait to see pics. i also wish i were there..... ugh. now nors can't ride an ewok around! great. her dreams are ruined.

  4. I love the pictures! I've come back several times to see them again.
    I don't have a guess for your Halloween costume, but I think you should be that exact pirate.

  5. I was the Count for years. Just could not get enough of those fake, gum cutting fangs and white make-up with slicked back hair. I was Sonny Crockett one year, but my take on it was spiked pink hair with everything else "Miami Vice". Oh my.

  6. HaHa! Jessie- Your blog is hilarious! I love it! I always new Corinne was cool even though I didn't get to know her well. Looks like it runs in the family! I love the Cat blog too. Very funny.

    Thanks for saying hi. It's nice to know who reads my blog!