Monday, September 29, 2008

Penny: Elle est un peu retardé

What happens when you put a little bit of orange soda in Penny's water dish? She drinks until she throws up. Which brings me to this: It's been a year since we got this little weirdo. Here's a look back at some of her dumbest moments.

  • When she came running into the living room with her ball attached to her collar.

  • When she tried to act brave around the umbrella, even though it was perfectly obvious that she was scared of it.

  • When she loses her mind every time Jon opens up a bottle of near-beer (ew) because she knows what comes once he's finished with it:

  • When she fell going down concrete steps and scooted on the ground, on her face, causing injury to her lip. (Sound familiar?)

  • When she cried like a maniac at our company picnic every time Jon was out of view. In her defense...she really loves him.

Aw. Ignore her creepy eyes. They don't usually look like that.

Also, it may have been my fault that she drank so much water. I was the one that dribbled the soda in there, and I laughed until I cried because she was drinking so violently. But her water dish is fairly small, so I didn't think she could make herself sick on only that much. I was wrong. She's better now.


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your poor little pooch!

    And....near-beer. Iew fo sho! The only good beer is root beer! Yay!

    I just made the most awesome hash - . Yummy! I want some delicious dessert now, but I'm not sure what to make!

  2. For what it's worth, I think she's adorable!

  3. Those pants are pretty sweet. Near beer - ew. Poor Penny. I just wanted to say that I also made a cake from scratch and I am quite pleased with myself as well! Who knew they tasted this good and didn't come from a box?! crazy ;)

  4. Its been a couple of months since I've "Spied" on your blog. I sound like such a creeper. I realized that I hadn't been keeping up with your hilarious entries when I didn't add you to my favorite blogs to read. Silly me. I wanted to add, that I LOOOOVE Eric Snider's stuff. We went to see him in Portland, OR, and he was SUPER!

  5. Ahh... so you just commented on my blog. I just realized that it was your blog post I totally nixed (do kids still say nixed anymore?). I just googled blog post contests... and it popped up with tons of peoples posts of the different contest. I totally never thought that they would actually find my blog through someone. K, feeling like a dork now! So yeah, thanks for the fun idea!

    Ps. Who's blog did you find mine though?

  6. K, so now I am going to have to stalk your blog. Well, maybe it isn't stalking anymore, considering I just told you... oh, whatever :) I read the last post and the Jesusbird thing just about had me peeing myself. Glad you aren't super ticked about the whole "steal your blog" thing :)

  7. if i liked animals, i might like yours