Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Blurb

A conversation I had with a friend at work.

Me [reading the news]: Wasn’t there already a hurricane named “Bertha”? Do they reuse names?
Friend: I thought there was one named Bertha already, too. Maybe they do reuse them after a certain amount of time.
Me: That’s dumb. There are lots of names out there. They shouldn’t reuse any. Has there ever even been a hurricane Jessica?

So I did a little google search, and the following article came up. How random is it that I found this??

Hurricane Jessica


  1. I appologize for snooping, I'm an aquaintance of Jon's from like 13 years ago (way back in his Lethbridge days), and I bet he doesn't hardly remember me. LOL but I just wanted to say that your blog is HILARIOUS, and highly entertaining! You seriously made my day by reading your story about your flight to Calgary.

  2. Off to Google Hurricane Kristina! That should be my new nickname.

  3. Um...all that came to mind while reading that post was, "Bertha...Big Bertha." a la Lianna Crossman

  4. OK, so when I Googled "Hurricane Kristina", all that came up were parodies of Hurricane Katrina, or people who didn't actually know how to spell Katrina. I'm glad to see my name associated with the greatest hurricane in US history, as well as the Bush administration. My work is done.