Wednesday, July 02, 2008

First Post of July

I'm such a nerd. Why do I love these so much? More importantly, why are cats so funny??

This reminds me of the good news. Our upstairs neighbors skipped town. They were The Worst Possible Neighbors In History. Seriously. Did they scream obscenities at each other at all hours of the night? Yes. Did they turn their stupid music on full blast at 6:00 am EVERY SINGLE MORNING WITHOUT FAIL? Yes. Was the husband a complete thug? Yes. Did the woman have fried-egg-slung-on-a-nail boobs and walk around the complex in a white see-through tank top with no bra? Yes. Did they obtain a destructive pit bull that made horrific yelping noises for hours at a time? Was our apartment constantly a hot-box as a result of their pot-smoking habit? Were they the most lead-footed humans alive, causing ceiling fans to tremble every time they crossed a room? Yes, yes, and yes. We complained on them at least three times, then apparently one day they just up and left without letting even management know. Abandoned most of their stuff and scrammed out of there. Thank GOODNESS.

When was the last time anyone ate a Fig Newton? I was at Walgreens the other day and out of the blue I started craving them, so I bought myself a box. And they’re surprisingly delicious. The last time I had one must have been in elementary school.

Tonight will be spent preparing for a trip up to Alberta. Jon surprised his family by flying up there on Sunday for Canada Day, and since it’s a three day weekend, I was able to plan a quick trip up as well. I’ll only have two full days to spend, but I’ve got a niece and a nephew there that I’ve never even met so it will be well worth the trip. I posted this picture of Norah a while back. Here's one of Nolan. He's six months old and has a mouth riddled with teeth.

The trip up is actually, surprisingly, not as far as you would think. My total flight time is just three and a half hours. I’m a little nervous, though, because I’ve never flown international by myself. I’ve been working on checklist of stuff to take for over a week (of course), and CAMERA is written (just like that, all caps) at the very top. I’m sure I’ll post pictures when I get back, but in the meantime, here are a few from our last trip up. It’s such a beautiful area.

(That's Jon in the green shirt walking to the end of the dock. There are at least two reasons why this picture is awesome, and I don't find it necessary to point them out.)

And I just remembered I was supposed to post pictures of our new couches, too. Here they are. The leather is a deep espresso (the color looks a little off in the pictures because of the flash), and the wood at the bottom is a red cherry. I LOVE them. I was so sick of looking at our old ones that I almost went crazy. Seriously. Ask Jon. I was losing my mind.

Anyway, I'm assuming this will be my last post before the weekend. Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Wow, it looks so beautiful! Hope you have a great time!

    And we just have neighbors who like to have sex with their lights on and the blinds open, as well as on their balcony. Not a tough call which kind of neighbor I would rather have.

  2. easy call for all of us I'd say