Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh, Cat

Oh Cat. Catty Cat Cat. You are The Worst TV Host Ever.

Everyone prepare yourselves. When the following clip happened on So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday, I screamed. Then, I rewound it three times. Then, I tore my house apart looking for the camera. Then, before I even finished watching the show, I ran to the computer to upload this video onto my blog. THEN, I made the horrific discovery that our internet server is down. So... I threw the computer through the window. I was SO EXCITED about posting this video within minutes after the blessed event occured, but that just didn't work out. Our internet is STILL down, so I had to take desperate measures to get this posted onto my blog. Anyway. Here it is. Enjoy.

PS- Courtney G. is fugly. She needs to stop making this face. I tried sketching it, but no matter how exaggerated I made her mouth, I still couldn't capture the heinous expression.

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