Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Alex

Dear Mr. Trebek,

I watch your show every day. I'm your number one fan. You're a great host, you're smart, you always put 110% into foreign pronunciations, and you look great with a moustache.

Today, I can add another quality to that list - you are truly ruthless. I mean it. Completely cold-hearted. No mercy. Poor Daria...I mean, her answer was dumb...but did it really have to come to THIS??

Crank the volume and listen to the general outcry from the studio audience.

This made my day.


  1. I love that you record Jeopardy. And Trebek is sort of becoming a bastard in his old age, isn't he? (See how I phrased that in the form of a question?)

  2. nice. and she's genuinely confused as to why her answer isn't right!