Sunday, July 13, 2008

20 Servings of Vegetables on One Plate

We bought new knives this weekend, so to try them out, I decided to give in and make the Asian Noodle Salad on Pioneer Woman's website that EVERYONE is talking about. I avoided a couple of ingredients (ginger and hot peppers), but for the most part stuck to the recipe. Just like I always do, because I suck at cooking. Luckily, this didn't involve much cooking. Other than boiling the fettucine, and I made Jon do that. I just chopped veggies. With my new knives. Let me tell you, this recipe will change the way you feel about Relief Society meal assignments. Reason Number One being that it's DELICIOUS, it looks fancy, and it's mostly easy to make (once you have all the ingredients), and Reason Number Two being that I HALFED the recipe, and it still made a ton. A TON. Meaning some for them, plenty for you.

This picture was taken after we'd each eaten a huge plate. I should have had some clue as to how enormous the finished product would be since the original recipe called for TWO HEADS OF CABBAGE... but I was still pretty overwhelmed. Also, can I please point out the spread of my toes on my left foot? Total accident, I swear.

Anyway, you should make it.


  1. I sort of have issues with pasta in a salad with lettuce, so I don't know if I would like this or not. Plus, I have to actually make it, so another check in the cons column.

    And I love the toes. I posted a picture of my toes when I went feet first into a door, and my brother still makes fun of me for having far apart toes. Whatever.

  2. i'm posting an even sweeter picture of your toes in the very near future...

  3. Mariann and I had this yummy salad at your mom's place a couple of weeks ago. It was dee-lish!

  4. some random asian dudeJuly 16, 2008 at 11:57 AM

    no you didn't