Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Accusation of the Day

At least three different people at my work have taken the time to tell me how delicious Trader Joe’s stuffed bell peppers are, so today on my lunch break I decided I’d swing by and grab some. After trolling the prepared foods section, though, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I asked an employee where I could find them. He looked at me like I was crazy, then walked over and asked another employee, who ended up being just as confused as the first guy. The second guy pointed us back in the direction of the prepared foods section, and by this point, almost every single inhabitant of the local nursing home had been dropped off for some grocery shopping, and they were all conglomerated directly between us and the refrigerators. After asking me one last time what it was I was looking for, the employee left me behind and disappeared into the mass of shuffling octogenarians to check out the situation. He emerged a few moments later, pepper-less, and with a suspicious look on his face. You won’t believe what happened next. This man had the gall..the GALL to demand of me, “Is this all just a college prank?” (CUE OLD PEOPLE) Within a split second, fifteen grumpy, wrinkled faces turned at me, expecting a reply. A million things went through my mind. What could I say? Why did they hate me? How could I convince them that I wasn’t just some punk? Why were they so old? I finally started with, “What?! No…no, I promise”, which led directly into “you see, at least three different people at my work have taken the time to tell me how delicious Trader Joe’s stuffed bell peppers are…”. Which must have calmed the angry masses, because the tension lessened and a couple of them meandered away. One old lady actually smiled and winked on her way past. ( I love people that wink. I’d wink more often, if it didn’t make me look so dumb. I can only wink my right eye, and even then, it’s not a quick, flitting motion like a wink should be. Instead of closing my eyelid, I have to scrunch up my cheek to MEET my eyelid. It takes more effort than it should, and I mostly just look stupid when I try it.) Anyway. So now for the exciting conclusion. After consulting the computer and three, count them, THREE more employees, it was determined that they were fresh out of stuffed bell peppers, but that a shipment of them will be in tomorrow morning.

The end.

But not really, because I have one more thing to add. My sister Corinne is going to be here tomorrow! Hooray for family!

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  1. why were they so old? ha. let me know how the peppers are... if you ever find them.