Thursday, June 26, 2008

Monsoon, I Love Thee

So yeah, it’s hot in Tucson and all, and we hardly get any rain…but when it DOES rain, it all comes at once, and it’s AWESOME. It’s pretty much a hurricane outside right now as I'm writing this. Driving rain, palm trees swaying, derbis scattered about, rivers flowing across roads, CRAZY lightning, CRAZY thunder…just all around awesomeness. And it seriously looks like it’s 8 o’clock at night, except it’s only three. It may or may not take me two hours to get home today. And it will do this almost every afternoon for the next couple of weeks. If you ever wanted to visit Tucson, seriously, now’s the time. We have a spare bedroom. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before. Have I also mentioned that Jon travels a lot, and I’m lonely?

Here are some pictures of the storm and my office's flooded parking lot. And the palm tree outside of my window that was taking a beating.

And another important announcement....I made this today. Drew it on a post-it note.


UPDATE: It didn't take me two hours to get home. It took the same amount of time as it always does. Then we went and got groceries, and Jon took this picture of the sunset with his camera phone in the Safeway parking lot. When we have storm clouds, we have amazing sunsets.

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  1. I love those monsoon storms too!! we get those in Vegas! I love that sunset pic too!