Friday, June 13, 2008

About Jon. And Me. Me and Jon.

I was doing my usual rounds of lurking on peoples blogs that I a) Used to know, and b) Don’t know at all, when I came across kind of a fun survey thing all about husbands and early relationship stuff. So even though I didn’t even know this person, and they have no idea that it’s NOT the first time I’ve looked at their blog…I stole the idea.

What’s his name? Jonathan Glen Jensen.

Where’s he from? Raymond, Alberta.

How long have we been together? Over four years.

How long did we date? We dated for 6 months before getting engaged, and we were engaged for three months. Typical Mormon timeline.

How old is he? 32!

Who eats more? Him, but it’s not like he eats double or triple what I eat, like a lot of other guys…(I’m looking at YOU, Jake Hansen)

Who said “I love you” first? Him, but sometimes he tries to deny it.

Who is taller? Him, but only by a couple of inches. When I wear heels, he sulks.

Who is smarter? Science-y and anatomy/biology/chemistry/psychology/math related –Him. Random memory/useless knowledge/trivia related –Me. You decide which one is more impressive.

Who is funnier? Him. Jon has a way of making everyone around him laugh without even really trying. (“I try really hard, actually”…name that movie!). I think that I’m wittier, though. Jon doesn’t think I’m funny at all. He only laughs at me when I do something stupid, and not when I say anything clever.

Who does the laundry? Laundry is half and half, I think. Maybe a little more Jon. 60% him, 40% me. He also does the dishes 90% of the time. I always clean the bathrooms, vacuum, wash the floors, and dust though, so it’s kind of even. We haven’t quite worked out yet who “tidies” the house, so although it might look messy, it IS clean.

Who pays the bills? We haven’t combined bank accounts (They require you to bring in your marriage license…what a hassle) and Jon didn’t have checks until recently, so his student loans used to come out of MY account and it drove me crazy. So he bought some checks and now he takes care of that bill. As he should. I take care of rent and utilities each month. Jon takes care of car insurance. Pretty much everything else (my cell phone, electricity, internet and TV) is on auto-pay.

Who sleeps on the left side? Facing the bed, I do. Because it’s further from the door, and Jon thinks he’s protecting me by making me sleep there.

Who cooks dinner? Ummm….pass.

Who drives? Jon. Always Jon. Because I HATE it. And he loves it.

Who asked who out first? It didn’t really happen like that. My friend Lianna married his brother, and we met at the reception. When I saw him from across the room, I jokingly told her that he was my “future eternal companion”, and she told HIM that I said that. And I didn’t even care, because I knew I’d never see him again. We weren’t even really introduced there, I don’t think…we just saw each other and maybe exchanged a few words while standing in a group. Actually, I do specifically remember Kellie telling him that he looked like Jon Paul whats-his-face from American Idol, so we all definitely must have been standing around at some point. Anyway, like a week and a half later, Lianna and her new husband were in Gardnerville (I want to say they stopped by to pick up some stuff from her parent’s house after their honeymoon? Maybe? Apparently I can remember every detail about people’s lives except my OWN.) and my parents had just bought a new hot tub, so I invited them over for the evening. Right after confirming the time, and before hanging up, Lianna hastily added “Oh yeah, and Jon’s coming, too.” And I don’t think I even knew his name by this point, because I thought she meant JOSH, one of Darcy’s old roommates. So he showed up on my porch with them, and I finally made the connection that it was the guy at the wedding – the one I had professed my lust for. He was looking particularly hot in his grey Puma t-shirt...and then again in his swim shorts…and we all spent that night in the hot tub. Jon mentioned something about root beer floats, and I told him that we had the fixings for one, so we all went into the house. While Jon made one up for himself, he had his first encounter with The General (it was a pass-by warning…“Don’t eat all the ice cream”). The next night, Lianna invited me to go bowling with them and we hung out at her parent’s house afterwards. (Interjection – both of her parents are named Lyn(ne), so we call them “The Lynnes” and it cracks me up every time). After that night when we bowled, they all went back up to Idaho, and Jon and I spent hours each day talking online, and on the phone. By the time he came back again with Darcy and Lianna a few weeks later, we were in deep smit. [pause for air] So... taking us back to the original question -- There was really no "asking out" involved, I don't think.

Who kissed who first? I kissed him.

Who proposed? He did. We shopped for wedding rings when we were in Alberta a few weeks before, and once I’d decided the one I wanted, we sent word to the jeweler, and his uncle drove it down on his way to a wedding in Saint Anthony. We were at the reception when his uncle handed it to him, and he took me out into the backyard and asked the question. Then, he opened the case….wrong ring. I didn’t want to say anything, in case he’d decided on his own to get me a different one than the one I’d wanted…but this ring was so ugly, and not even close to what I’d I just kind of stared at it, confused. Thankfully, after a moment or so of looking, Jon goes, “Huh.” (Classic Jon! If you know him, you know the sound! His cousin’s three-year old daughter once said “Jon never says anything, he just says ‘huh’!) The chairs were wet and I looked like I’d peed my pants when we went inside. We got the real ring a few weeks later.

What day were you married and why? December 22nd, because the 21st was unavailable. And because I’ve always wanted a Christmasy wedding.

Where did you go on the honeymoon? Disneyland, and a word of advice: Never go at Christmastime. The day after Christmas, there was a sign out front that said “Disneyland is full”. FULL! They were only letting people in as people came out! Ridiculous. And it rained the whole week. And Jon was sick the entire time. I told him I was sorry that the thought of marrying me made him violently ill. We had fun, anyway, despite it all. Here are a couple of pictures, taken with a disposable camera. We were too poor to afford digital. Or a regular film camera, apparently.

(outside of our motel, and across the street from the park. I guess I could have posted this picture of me with dark hair when I was contemplating hair options in an earlier post, but it's so much more fun doing it through Also, Jon looks like he's never seen a camera before.)

(The result of walking around in the rain all day long....water climbs up your jeans)

Now brace yourself for the best photo ever taken on California Screamin'. Bear in mind that we in no way, shape, or form collaborated with the kids in front of us for this photo. Pure coincidence that the four coolest people inside of California Adventure that day ended up in the same photo frame.

Moving on...

How long have you been married? Three and a half years, although Jon has said more than once that the first year counted for at least five.

Who has more friends? Haha. Him. Overwhelmingly him. No matter how you look at it.

Who is more sensitive? Sensitive? I definitely cry more, but I’m not sure if that counts. Jon’s the most sensitive guy I’ve ever met.

Who has more siblings? He does. I’ve got two sisters and a brother, he’s got one brother and three sisters.

I really didn’t mean for this to be as long as it ended up being, I promise.

PS- Mom, I'm sorry for the title. I DO know that it's incorrect to say "Me and Jon".


  1. I love how smart my wife is. She teaches me a ton about history and I do the same for her. We both recall everything in our lives since age 2 or three. I have a real easy time memorizing things which is why I can count on one hand the times I have studied in my 17+ years of education. Jessie is a marvelous woman with a witty disposition and I wouldn't trade her for anything, except maybe if the powerball hits over 300 mil. She does make me laugh, but she doesn't think so. We do put an emphasis on laughter in our home and I feel that any child that graces us will be quite pleased at how we run things.

  2. "Who sleeps on the left side? Facing the bed, I do. Because it’s further from the door, and Jon thinks he’s protecting me by making me sleep there."