Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Corinne flew in to Phoenix on Friday and took a shuttle down to Tucson. I picked her up from the drop-off at about three, and I took Monday off, so we had half of Friday, all of Saturday, all of Sunday, and all of Monday to just do whatever we felt like doing. This included:

A) Eating at El Charro, that one place where weird things always seem to happen to us (sodas refilled halfway, confused old men hanging out in the women’s restroom, etc). Corinne declared that her trip wouldn’t be complete without a funny story to go along with her El Charro experience, and she wasn’t let down. First of all, she ordered chicken tacos and was given shrimp, then when she mentioned it, the waitress argued with her about it for about thirty seconds. “You said shrimp. No…you said shrimp. No..I could have SWORN you said shrimp, but whatever.” But what goes around comes around, because later on when she took my dish, she inadvertently smushed her thumb into some guacamole, then somehow wiped it all over her neck while reciting our options for dessert. It. Was. AWESOME.

B) A spin class on Friday night. Corinne has been taking classes religiously for five months, and thought I would enjoy it. She was wrong.

C) Going to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, which is actually more of a zoo/botanical garden.

D) Eating at my favorite restaurant, Guadalajara Grill. We sat near a table with this mother and son that looked IDENTICAL – the mom was oldish, with the coarsest, curliest mop on her head you’ve ever seen, and the only difference between her and her son was that his hair was slightly shorter. According to Corinne, “That mother and son look identical, it’s DISGUSTING!” That gave us a good laugh. We’re mean.

E) Going to a freaky yoga class on Monday. The instructor began by telling us she felt a disturbance in the universe, which led directly into a group chant that lasted three minutes longer than I care to remember. She handed out cards with the words for those of us that were new so we could follow along...but I kept my eyes firmly shut through the whole thing.

F) Going to BKs Restaurant and eating Sonoran hotdogs. I posted a picture of them a few months ago and received a really negative response. Corinne refused to try one, but she DID admit that it didn’t look as disgusting as it did in the picture, and that if she liked hot dogs, she thought it might be yummy. SO THERE. You were all too quick to judge.

G) Swimming in our complex pool for about three minutes, laying out on the lawn chairs for twenty minutes, then calling it quits and heading inside. It’s unbelievably hot out. This weekend was the hottest so far (of COURSE that would be when she comes to visit..)

H) Eating steak at Pinnacle Peak restaurant – a hokey, Western, cut-off-your-tie-and-hang-it-from-the-rafters type of a place with an authentic John Wayne costume behind glass in the lobby. Our waiter looked like Kyle. At least, it was funny to think that he did.

Anyway, it was a great weekend that ended way too soon. She flew up to Idaho Falls yesterday morning to spend a week with Annie and my parents, and come tomorrow, I’ll be all alone again. Jon’s got breasts that need augmenting in LA. He may never be satisfied with me ever again.

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  1. corinne saying that if she liked hot dogs, they MIGHT be yummy doesn't make me change my mind. . . lol.