Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mixin' It Up

My brother-in-law Kyle landed a sweet career a few years back with PC Magazine. He majored in journalism, and is kind of a techie, so this job is just perfect for him...he gets to try out all sorts of new technology-related stuff, and then he writes about it. For example, when Playstation Rock Band came out, it was his JOB to play it for hours, and then write a review. The downside, though, is that every person that has some stupid website or product that wants recognition comes crawling out of the woodwork and contacts him, hoping he’ll think it’s AMAZING and push for it to go on the front page of the website, or something. I’m sure he just ignores 99% of these requests, but every once in a while one comes along that’s too lame for words, and he passes them along for the enjoyment of others. Case-in-point: A few months back, he received an email from some crazy person promoting hairmixer.com. They really, truly thought that it was some amazing, revolutionary technology worthy of a write-up in the magazine, and I presume that they were kind of hoping that Kyle wouldn’t be able to stop himself from running around the office, screaming “HOLD THE PRESSES!!!” the second he checked it out. See, how it works is, you load your own picture, then you can either load ANOTHER picture, or choose from one of the ones they’ve got available, then you switch the faces. So you can try any celebrity hairstyle on your own face. As long as your face in your image is the exact same size as the face in the other image. Anyway, so as lame and trivial as this website seemed those few months back when Kyle first sent me the link, I was forced to think of it again just recently. I’m thinking about doing something different with my hair, you see, and I was sitting there just thinking “I really wish there was a way that I could SEE what I would look like with bangs before actually doing it.” Yes, BANGS. I’ve been looking at lots of pictures and figuring out what I do and don’t like. I DO like “piecy, blended bangs” on certain people. I DON’T like “huge, comb-half-your-hair-forward-and-snip-straight-across-then-curl bangs” on…myself.

So I had kind of a dilemma, until the Spirit whispered to me “hairmixerrrrrr.commmmm”. I put my own picture up, found some pretty Reese Witherspoon hair, and away we go.

The problem with this is that my hair would NEVER look that amazing. Plus, those are (mostly) HER perfectly arched eyebrows, not mine. So it’s hard to judge.

Okay. So, maybe instead of getting bangs, I want to go dark again. Last time I went brown, it was more of an auburn, which was pretty, but I’m thinking maybe something even darker.

This one is hard to judge, too, because that is NOT my body, and it creeps me out. Plus, there are some red streaks in there I don’t appreciate. But you can kind of get the picture. Too dark? Probably.

Okay. And now, I’m going to blow your mind. Am I brave enough to go dark AND get piecy, blended bangs AT THE SAME TIME? I’m not sure…maybe not all at the same time…but I AM thinking about it. I couldn’t find any pictures that worked with my face on this one, but just think about it.

IN CONCLUSION, I’m leaving you with this little gem from hairmixer.com – the lovechild of Hilary Clinton and myself.

(Scroll down.)



(Wait for it...)


  1. I'm speechless....absolutely speechless...

  2. I am glad you don't have a pig nose like witherspoon babe. I like the dark, but maybe in winter. Blonde for summer, or is that just with beer?

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  4. NOOOOOOO! Please don't go dark. You know I love the blonde hair. The Reese picture is cute!

    And please tell me that Hillary Clinton picture really is you in the background because I seem to remember that picture, and it was the ugliest face I've ever seen you make!

  5. That's the worst thing i've ever seen! Take it away!!!!

  6. Omg, it's so weird that you did Reese Witherspoon. Last year Katherine photoshopped her face into that EXACT picture. What's the weirdest, though, is how much it made her look like me. Apparently Reese Witherspoon and I are clones except for our faces (i.e. I don't have a forehead the size of Kansas and a chin that could puncture a truck tire).

    Totally weird. The dark hair is hot.