Thursday, March 28, 2013

When Stingrays Attack

(Turn your volume down, it's loud.)

Of course I would get the dummy stingray that doesn't know how to eat food.

Hard to hear - I say, "It didn't even get it and it was biting my hand over and over again!" and Stingray Lady is saying, "You know what? Try it again. Try it again." I don't think I've ever seen my mom laugh so hard as when we played this video on loop, except maybe for when she watched this Vine (be sure to un-mute it).

The next thing I knew Stingray Lady was physically placing my hand in the water to feed a different, less toothy species.

She told me I could get some antiseptic wipes and Neosporin in the gift shop, and I hadn't realized I was bleeding until then.

One day post attack.

In conclusion, Youtube suggested this video and it's amazing.

Stay safe, everyone. kthxbai.


  1. Amazing. The fact that you have a video of the event ...

  2. Makes me laugh every time.

  3. I watched that last video like six times in a row.

  4. I love that Stingray Lady wanted you to get right back up on that horse. Now you won't have a lifelong fear of feeding stingrays.

  5. Scary! I am kind of afraid of fish/sea creatures, and this just makes it worse.

  6. That stingray lady is nuts. She has been there a while. Our Grant got bit too and stingray lady's solution was to forcibly place my hand in front of the offending fish so I could see what Grant had experienced. There was no blood involved, however. Still, we haven't ever been back to that tank and we go to that zoo at least a couple of times a year!