Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why meeeeee

Here's the backstory on my eye thing. About four months ago, I developed some sort of little white cyst-y thing just under the skin on my eyelid. It didn't bother me much and wasn't very noticeable, so I let it reside there. Plus, my options for having it removed on Statia were A) limited and B) dubious. So we learned to coexist.

But then I up and moved to Idaho, and the cyst swelled right up. This was not okay with me. I went to the dermatologist this morning.

Just as Jon predicted, the doctor drained my eye. He injected the lump with lidocaine and scalpeled the S out of that cyst. I couldn't feel any pain beyond the needle, but there was plenty of squeezing in addition to ripping sensations. Eventually what I'd thought was a cyst was worked out - it was actually a rice-sized calcium deposit.

The whole thing was fascinating and I wanted explanations throughout the entire process, but afterward when I began ruminating over the horrible sensations I'd felt and thinking about that needle going into my swell-eye, it sort of turned my stomach. So when Jon and my mom stopped at Cafe Rio right afterward for lunch, I abstained from food, forlornly iced my incision, and attracted stares.

Here it is about two hours post-surgery:

Aaand, with my eye [partially] open:

The doctor told me the bruising might get worse and spread over the next few days. He also assured me that what he'd extracted was definitely organic and terrestrial.


  1. Hope you don't bruise too badly! But I have to say I'm absolutely fascinated with this also. I love seeing "cyst removal" on our patient day sheet. Good luck!

  2. OH MY HELL!!! what just happened to you??? i am so sorry- your eye looks horrible!! i hope you don't FEEL horrible too!! and i am also glad it wasn't an alien. LOL your mom. ha. RICE-SIZED? that's HUGE!!!
    hope you feel better ASAP-AMAP, and also i hope you don't have to go anywhere. hehe love you

  3. ah, jessie! at the first close-up i thought, "that doesn't look too bad. . . " then when i saw you with the eye half-closed. . . sad! I hope you are feeling okay! Also, glad it wasn't an alien.

  4. At first I thought they scraped it out from the inside of the eyelid and I almost had to stop reading. Looking at the pictures, I think/hope I'm wrong. Get well soon!

  5. Yeah no, no, no, nonono. OUTSIDE. I wouldn't have let them do the inside without sedating me. Gag.