Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun with Screen Capture, Episode II

My desktop is again polluted with funny things I've collected around the internet, so here's another dumping ground for it all.

The name and photo on this Facebook profile belong to my friend on Statia, Rebecca Cooper. This, however, is not the real Rebecca Cooper's Facebook profile. Some lady stole both her name AND picture and is pretending to be her online (I clicked through her other pictures and the fake-Rebecca is revoltingly grotesque, which might explain the stealing of the photo). Anyway, that is all of no consequence with regard to this post. The point is, check out the fake-Rebecca's religious views:

"Babtist". Ugly AND stupid. I might borrow an identity, too, if I were her.

Next! I tried to Skype with Lianna and Pearl the other day, but there was a horrible connection (be sure to click on that link to remind yourself that Lianna is NOT a noseless monster in real life):

One of my Facebook friends had a baby on Mother's Day, and someone I don't know wrote this on the announcement:

(It's been on my desktop ever since, entitled "Who are you calling disabled??")

Skype chat from my sister:

Reminiscing about an ill-conceived church service project circa 2002:

And finally, you'd better BELIEVE that come November 25th, this will be my Facebook profile picture:


  1. what the crap? who steals someones name on facebook? people are so stupid.

  2. Okay, so you have to explain the whiter than white Santa picture!!!

  3. The colors didn't match from the two photos, btw. I was really quite tan when that was taken........ :\

  4. It's you?! I don't get it.
    Glad I made the screen capture.

  5. Yeah. This picture:

  6. Hottest Santa everrrrr.

  7. "revoltingly grotesque" LMAO. you're right though. [shudder]
    i totally knew that creepy pedophilious santa was you! well, your eyes at least. lol sooooo creepy.