Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello again, Idaho

The Mazda made the trip back like a champion after the guys at Canadian Tire wrapped a couple of zip ties around her air intake sensor. That was the issue all along and I don't want to talk about how we replaced the fuel pump even though it was completely unrelated to the actual problem.

Pictures! Here's the remainder of our trip to the Great White North.

Jon and Norah looking for gophers in Waterton National Park.

I want five for pets.

Cameron Falls

Stole Jon's hoodie for a while. It was freezing.

At Red Rock. Returned Jon's hoodie, stole my mother-in-law's coat.

Blackiston Falls

Terrifying thunderhead above Lethbridge, Alberta. The cloud was rotating and we followed it a ways in the Mazda, certain it would start spouting tornadoes. It didn't. But the weather was inclement for days, and a couple of nights later there was the most fantastic electrical storm I've ever seen.

At the driving range. Jon consistently drives over 300 yards. I am able to consistently make contact with the ball, sometimes.

We were lucky enough to be in town for Jon's cousin Mike's wedding. This was taken after the family dinner in Cardston. It's blurry because it was A) taken with a phone, and B) an accidental movie.



  1. I'm glad your car is fixed! I feel your pain about the fuel pump. My car was towed and impounded, and then looked over (for a grand total of well over $600), only to die on me immediately afterword. The geniuses at D&M towing (who are also a full-service garage) charged $130 just to "check the battery," which they obviously didn't do, since that's what the problem was the whole time. One $60 battery replaced for free and the car runs perfectly again. I, however, am still fuming about it.

  2. BTW, I LOVE your red jeans!

  3. You guys look super cute in jeans and hoodies!

  4. Did you get to do a session? Jealous.