Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did I mention I saw a baby giraffe?

Jon and I drove to Heber this weekend to spend a couple days with my sister Annie and her husband Steve. They both had the day off yesterday so we went to the Hogle zoo and saw a BABY GIRAFFE! I almost hopped the fence to wrap myself five times around its cute little baby giraffe neck. Five times. That's how huggable it was.

Here it is nursing. What could possibly be sweeter than a baby giraffe nursing? Hardly anything. That's what.

Now you see me...

Now you don't.

It was only twelve days old! Some guy standing behind us read aloud its birthday off a sign, then remarked "Only 2 weeks old! Wow, they get big QUICK!" I wonder how small he thinks baby giraffes are when they're born. Perhaps gerbil-sized?

Okay, enough about the baby giraffe already. Just kidding! There's more! Here it is drinking out of the giraffe water contraption:

And here it is with its mama:

And here's a video of it:

And here I am hugging it, and here I am feeding it, and here I am riding it, and here it is in the back of the Mazda......

And here's a picture of me and Jon at the zoo; Not because it has anything to do with baby giraffes, just because it's a cute picture. The end.


  1. I love the zoo...but my fave has got to be the baby elephants! But you are right, the baby giraffe is a cute one!

  2. You're so weird, I always laugh out loud at you.


  3. It is cute... but this post made me laugh!