Monday, July 18, 2011

As promised...

Watering plants, right after picking strawberries from the garden (missed THAT photo op).

My other niece Norah (Jon's sister's daughter) came for a couple of hours. Here the girls are headed to the barn with Jon.

Hi, Jill.

Watching Quincy


Nothing slows this kid down.

Norah, a little uncertain about the carousel. She eventually came around to the idea and decided to ride it again, on the bench.

Drying out after getting a little too wet at the splash park.

Ada sliding.

Ada sliding headfirst.

In conclusion, I submit to you four times in the past week that I wish I'd had a video camera rolling:

1) When Ada made her little stuffed puppy "pet" Penny with its hand.
2) When Ada was watching Yo Gabba Gabba clips on my parents' slow internet and intermittently screaming when the video paused to buffer.
3) When Ada accidentally turned on the Roomba and thought it was chasing her. Again with the screaming.
4) When Norah kept calling my mom's horses "cows".

1 comment:

  1. I need those pictures. The drying off is my favorite. Also, I was sitting in the shop with Norah today and she turned to the cat (sleeping on the lawn mower) and said, "Sit, Penny, Sit!" I almost fell over laughing.

    She told us all about teaching Penny to sit on the drive home. Thanks again for watching her!