Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Thoughtful Husband

Jon’s office building is attached to a big warehouse/machine shop, where they build all the surgical equipment that his company sells. The entire complex is in an undeveloped, desert-y area, and they tend to get lots of bugs and lizards and stuff in the building (earlier this year they found a baby diamondback rattlesnake in the hallway.) Anyway, two days ago Darren in the machine shop started screaming like a little girl when he saw THIS walking across the floor. Jon was kind enough to bring it home so I could see it – I’ve had horrible nightmares the past two nights. Thanks, honey!

Staring at that thing’s face literally makes me ill. I hate it.


  1. Excellent! Bear Grylls said these were just about the most disgusting things he had ever eaten!

  2. Wait, why? Is it still living with you? I'm pretty sure Adam would have been the one screaming like a little girl.

  3. gross. tell jon to stop making friends with random vermin... are scorpions considered vermin? i think not, but it was the first word that came to mind... meh.