Monday, September 29, 2008

A Few Things:

1) We left a pot to soak overnight inside of another pot full of water. In the morning, the pot inside of the other pot was covered in a layer of clear slime (like egg whites), and it had changed color from red to pink. THE PLOT THICKENS: Once the pot was dry, it turned back to its original color. But when it got wet again, it turned pink again. The first person to give a semi-plausible explanation for this phenomenon wins my respect.

2) Jeopardy question:

Jon’s answer: Jesusbird
Actual answer: Cardinal

3) Corinne called me on Saturday to say that she walked into her bedroom to find a mouse all curled up on her pillow, taking a nap. One of her cats pounced on it, once, then lost interest when the mouse ran away. I guess that’s what you get for buying cats that look like this:

4) We went and saw Ghost Town this weekend. It was pretty good – I would recommend it, though it could have done without some parts, and I’m pretty sure there were some inconsistencies in the plot (though I’m not known for being the World’s Best Follower-of-Movies). But it made me laugh out loud a few times, and I’d give it a solid B. There were two F-bombs, for those who care.

5) This is what Jon looked like when we went to see the movie. He's great. I'm obsessed with those pants.

6) Afterwards we went to Banana Republic (the entire store was 30% off!) and got a couple of things. Jon is convinced that Robin from the Real World San Diego was in the store, but I wasn’t so sure. It definitely sounded like her, but she was at least 40 pounds lighter than she is right now on the current Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I would take Jon’s word on this over mine, though, because I’m also not the World’s Best Face Recognizer. I have a real problem with remembering faces. And he didn’t just say that it LOOKED like her, he says he knows that it WAS her.

7) The lady at BR that helped us out was a real piece of work.

Me: Could you check in the back to see if you’ve got this in the next size down? I already looked on the rack and there wasn’t one.
Her: [seven minutes later] There wasn’t another one out on the floor. Would you like me to check in the back?
Me: …….yes please.

After she came back with no luck finding one in the size I wanted, she spent at least three minutes arguing – literally arguing with me - about the fit. “It’s not too big…no, there’s supposed to be lots of ill-fitting, floppy fabric hanging around your hips.” Finally another sales associate intervened and took my side. That’s one thing I’m proud of from my experience of working at Banana. I never blatantly lied and told someone that something looked good when it didn’t. I was working when ponchos tried to make a comeback, and Banana carried a particularly heinous version in their 2004 fall line. Whenever anyone asked my opinion about them, I expressed my severe disgust towards the entire idea. As Best Week Ever once put it, “Ponchos are great if you’re caught in the rain, chasing banditos, or born without arms”.

And 8) When Jon was in the LA airport on his most recent trip, he witnessed the following incident: On his flight into Tucson, the crew was late, and they came hurrying around the corner to board. The pilot’s rolling suitcase accidentally caught the edge of an old woman’s wheelchair, so he stopped and turned to apologize. Her response? “Yeah, I BET you’re sorry”. One of the flight attendants rounded on her, “Excuse me?! Don’t you ever talk to my captain that way”, to which the crotchety old bag replied “Oh, drop dead!” She was promptly wheeled away by security, off to wait for the last flight of the day. (“Wait! What..? Where are you taking me??”) Just another reason why Jon needs to start his own blog. Hilarious.


  1. OK, I am so mad that I missed the 30% off BR sale. I LOVE BR. I'm actually going tonight, on my way home from work, to spend money I shouldn't. Already did that at Macy's this morning.

    And Jon's Jeopardy answer made me laugh out loud.

  2. 1. From the sound of it, whatever you cooked in the pot had a chemical reaction with the coating/dye used on the red pot.

    2. Jesusbird is awesome.

    3. Corinne's cats sound just as awesome as they look.

    4. Ghost Town looked stupid. But funny.

    5. I, too, am obsessed with those pants.

    6. I don't watch reality TV.

    7. I never ask for help unless I want to waste my time.

    8. "O captain! My Captain!"

  3. i don't even know what to comment on, except that jesusbird is now constantly re-playing in my head in jon's voice! i love it. where is that guy?

  4. When you're in a wheel chair you're allowed to tell people to drop dead. Its in the handicapped person's handbook.