Sunday, September 07, 2008

Favorite Conversation So Far Today

[Background information: Jon bought a nice belt to wear with his suits a couple of weeks ago, but when he was packing for his current trip to Chicago, from which he will be returning in a couple of hours, he couldn't find it anywhere. The following conversation took place this morning, over the phone.]

Me: I found your belt.
Jon: Where was it?!
Me: On the camp chair, under a suitcase [we have suitcases and duffel bags all over our apartment]
Jon: Oh.
Me: [Trying to fold up the camp chair to put it back in the closet, where it belongs] I can't figure out how...never mind, I got it.
Jon: Figure out what?'re trying the belt on?
Me: ......NO..!!!!??!?!?? ....I was folding up the camp chair!!!! (?????)


  1. Haha.....what?! Why would he think you were trying the belt on? Not only would that be a totally bizarre and random thing to do no matter WHAT was going on, but nothing you said previously would in any way lead to someone thinking you'd done so. "I can't figure out how.....nevermind, I got it". You couldn't figure out how...the belt buckled? How it works?


  2. I love it, you guys always crack me up! BTW I love the new do, you look fabulous as always.

  3. The best part from my end was that I was watching the fat being sucked out of some poor gal, so "belt" was all I heard. That belt actually is tricky to buckle as well so take it for what it's worth. I am clinically slow as well.