Monday, September 01, 2008

What we've been up to

Jon has been home for six whole days, hooray! Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been doing since I last posted.

1) We went shopping. I got two new pairs of shoes.

I got these ones at Dillards. They were 75% off. Thanks, Labor Day Sales!


2) We went and got massages at a spa. The entire thing was amazing, minus the uncomfortable incident where Edward thought that the edge of my shoulderblade was a giant knot. He worked at it for two minutes until I shifted my body, then he moved on.

On our way back from the spa, the sun was setting to the west and a huge storm was happening in the south. This picture was taken with Jon’s phone. Turns out the camera on his phone takes better pictures than the old Powershot A520.

Since we were driving south when I took this, we ended up running right into that storm. It was literally the hardest I’ve ever seen it rain anywhere in my entire life. So exciting.

3) We rented West Side Story. I’ve been wanting to watch it with Jon for YEARS and I finally forced him to sit through it. Such a good movie…

4) Jon got rid of some old t-shirts. Best day ever! He’s got a closet full of old, holey, stretched out tees that drive me crazy. He finally turned a few into rags last night. Then he took his old Stussy tee, the worst of them all, and cut the sleeves off. He was pretty pleased with himself, marching around the apartment, and when I told him how excited I was that he was finally getting rid of that thing, he said, “I’m not getting rid of it…I just wanted to cut the sleeves off.” Here he is looking particularly white trash. Ew.

5) We ate lots of raspberries. Jon bought a couple of cartons of mutant crack-berries that were huge and delicious. Look at the size of this thing.

6) I randomly developed the awful habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep. I have no idea where it came from – I’m not stressed out or anything. But I have literally woken myself up a few times throughout the past week or so. Annie and I shared a room almost our entire lives growing up, and she’s a severe teeth grinder. She eventually got fitted for a rubber tray thing that she had to wear every single night to protect her teeth, and she’d STILL go at it. Only it would make a loud squeaking noise instead of a grinding noise.

7) Jon made an amazing Crockpot dinner. Beef, sweet potatoes, sweet onions, and carrots, simmered for half the day in a mixture of near-beer, Worcestershire sauce, maple syrup, lime juice, and some other stuff. It was supposably an actual recipe that he found online. AMAZING.

That's the news since I last posted. But something that happened a few weeks ago that I keep forgetting to mention - Severus, the second and final snape, died. Let's have a moment of silence for the dumbest creature alive. He somehow managed to get his head trapped under his fake hollow log. Jon was sad, but I call it survival of the snapes that don't get their heads stuck under their homes. The end.

PS - Sorry for the long gap between my last post and this one.


  1. I did notice the lack of posts! Glad you're back.

    Love both pairs of shoes, especially the sexy red ones. I literally own 6 pairs of red shoes.

    And I love West Side Story. Good call on making him watch it with you. I was hoping you could have been my 14,000th hit too, but it's too late. :)

  2. LOVE the red shoes, great pic. Jon is looking especially dapper in the wife beater tee. Niiiiice.

  3. HAHA, those poor snapes!

    The shoes are cute. I got some red pumps as well, but they are a bit more feisty than those. I need some cute athletic shoes. My mum bought me a pair of champions about two years ago and before that I had been wearing the same sneakers since 8th grade. I'm at the risk of doing the same if I don't replace the ones I have.... You should check out my blog sometime, the quality has improved. I did a pseudo-review on Google Chrome, which you should use.

    As for downpours - I drove back from my dad's on Sunday and drove through rain for the first time. I don't drive very often, and it hardly ever rains here. I managed to do just fine, but I couldn't believe how absurdly poor the visibility was!

    Oh, and the teeth grinding thing. My dad and I don't grind our teeth, but we clench them. I actually stopped when I got retainers (I kept waking up realizing I was damaging them and for some bizarre reason that was enough to get me to stop) but my dad still does it. He got one of those trays and he bit right through it....

  4. yea for posting! i did check out the size of the raspberry, but was distracted by the length of your fingers! ha. jk. love the shoes. since when does jon look up recipes on-line? wha??? that's great, and i am counting down the days until we arrive. are you taking us to the spa?
    p.s. jake grinds his teeth, i'm sure you've heard about the moose incident... anyway, we went to the dentist last week, and he said he is literally shattering them, like glass! crazy. so he's getting a guard, hope it helps...


    This is almost as awesome as your shoes. I keep coming back to look at them (the red ones). They're so 1950's-ish and I'm in lurve.

  6. Just so everyone knows, I kicked the habit right before Steve and I got married. I think the prospect of having to wear that thing in bed with him was enough to make my subconcious think twice about it. And PS, mouth guard breath is 50,000 times worse than morning breath.