Friday, September 05, 2008

Proud to be Canadian

I realized a few weeks ago that whenever people go from light to dark, they go WAY dark. Wouldn't it be kind of unique if someone just went kind of light brown? You really don't see that very often. Someone should totally do it. I will. Okay, I did. I'm hesitant to post the picture of the results, though, because I had lighting issues and the color isn't well represented. But it's the best I could do, and besides, the reason for the picture was two-fold: so you could see the new color, and so you could see the fabulous scar that is the result of my recent fall. Nothing a little Mederma applied three times daily for 6-8 weeks can't fix, I hope.

You can't tell very well because the flash lit up my hair, but the color is kind of a honey brown. It all turned out really well, I think.

On my way home from the salon, I passed a car that had an "Irish Bride"(?) decal in the back window, the license plate said "Cullen", and the plate cover read "Proud to be IRISH". Does this mean that she married an Irish guy (whose first or last name, or both, is Cullen) and that she now considers HERSELF to be Irish?! Because I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.

Anyway, that's all the news I've got. Have a supergreat weekend.


  1. You need to put up another picture. It still looks blond. Albeit, darker blond and less high-lighty.

  2. From what I can tell, it looks great!

    I was blond for years, but am a natural very dark brunette. After we got married, we were poor, and I couldn't afford to go to a salon, so I attempted to color my hair myself. BAD idea. I had so many different bleached colors, my hair looked, brown, gray, and orange.

    I decided to go back to my natural color, but when I went to the beauty school (again, bad idea), they took me almost black. I didn't have time to get the highlights in. It was so drastic and it shocked everyone! I will never do that again.

  3. I think the reason people don't go from blonde to light brown or from dark brown to light brown is because unless you do the dye yourself it's expensive to get your hair done, and what's the point of paying $90 to barely change your hair?

    That being said, I like what you've done with yours. You look pretty whatever your hair is doing. I'd love to see you do a long bob with your bangs - like Jenny McCarthy's. It would look awesome. You've got the perfect smooth, thick hair for it, too.

    Your scar isn't too noticeable, but I'm personally a fan of them, so I guess I suck.

  4. Something kinda weird, my moms married name is Cullen. Love your hair!

  5. more pics please. it looks fing hot. need more to verify degree.

  6. i like it. did you just do it? or what? please tell me you didn't put box color on your hair! ha. and weren't you just blond again? what is happening? and don't mess with the "pretend" irish, they get very offensive... i know from personal experience...

  7. I think we can all agree that color in a box was designed for straight guys that don't really care what their hair looks like. But why would you only go one shade? Oh, I know, because of your agency. Looks pretty swell to me.

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