Friday, March 22, 2013

iPhone Dump, as Foretold

This picture makes me laugh. The expression on her face...

Apparently this happened? I had no memory of it until cleaning out my phone pictures. There were multiple photos in the series, but this one's the best. Jon pulling faces at Penny:

Penny resting her head on Jon's shoulder:

Best thing that's happened in months. I left a wildly inappropriate, mostly anonymous comment on one of my favorite blogs. Fifteen minutes later, on my drive home from work, I got this text from Annie (who I didn't even realize READ that blog):

and it gets better, because the next day, I got this email from my MOM:
I laughed for a week.

Jon and I went to Costco for dinner (two polish dogs with sauerkraut and two drinks for $3. It happens frequently). I got our sodas and when I sat down at the table, this is how my hot dog had been placed on the table. #divorce

"I want a pony!"

It freaking SNOWED in Phoenix a few weeks ago. (and no one say, "It wasn't snow, it was graupel" because it was white and frozen and it fell from the sky and stuck to things.)

The sandstone rocks at Papago Park were GLOWING as we drove to our friends' house at sunset two weeks ago. Beautiful.

Penny on Jon (starting to realize I could have done an entire separate post with that title.)

Our Sacrament meeting program two Sundays ago.

THIS IS A REAL RESTAURANT in Chandler, AZ. This picture was texted to me by my friend Cara, but I've since seen it with my own eyes.

Dinner with out-of-town friends!

There were six hot air balloons, but I only managed to get four in this picture.

Breakfast at IKEA! This was my view:

and this was Jon's.
Best part is, I made us move because I wanted to sit next to the window.

Daily welcoming committee. I'll miss this when it hits 100 degrees. In three weeks.

My mom's coming TODAY!! Can't wait!


  1. I seriously laughed out loud like 14 times. Made my night. Hilaire.

  2. thanks for share..

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