Thursday, March 28, 2013


My ma came to visit me!! Unpictured: A delicious walk at the park on a 75 degree day, the movie theater (Oz), Sonoran hot dogs at a parking lot food stand, Nordstrom Last Chance, paninis and creme brulee at Postino, Queen of Versailles (second viewing for me - it's on Netflix streaming, check it out), attempting to sneak into the church to play clarinet/piano but it was CLOSED....etc.

On our walk thru Downtown Glendale/Catlin Court.
Of course this was grounds for another trip to Wildlife World.

I die.

I talked her into touching a stingray, I REPEAT, MOM TOUCHED A STINGRAY. She didn't enjoy it, but she did it. (She has a weird thing with fish that preceeds the time my dad sprayed cheese whiz on her feet when they were wading in a lagoon in Hawaii.)

She'll never touch a stingray again, after what happened next.....(separate post. There was screaming and small amount of blood involved. Stay tuned!)


Her trip, on Vine:


  1. Great memories. Good job Jessie.

  2. It's decided, we need to come visit. Norah was positively drooling over the pictures of you at "the zoo." I was drooling over the hot dogs. How was Oz?

    1. Better than I thought it would be! I give it a C+. The fact that they made the wicked witch "sexy" really pissed me off, though.