Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Warm Surprise

I have an iPhone photodump happening later today, but first, a blog-worthy moment. I took Penny outside to poo, and she did amazing. I grabbed a baggie from the dispenser to pick it up, but after an embarrassingly long struggle I realized the bag was completely sealed at both ends – defective. Annoyed, I tore off the next baggie, opened it up, reached inside, bent over, and grabbed the poo with my bare hand. Since the previous bag had been sealed at both ends, this one was OPEN at both ends.



  1. This is beautiful. True story: Ada was picking out a pretend dog at the pretend pet store. She asked me to name it and I said "Penny". She said "That's not a good name!". The dog's name is now Gunner.

  2. nast. I hope it didn't make you vomit.

  3. but THEN what happened???!?!? I would have paid MONEY to be a fly on the... excrement?!? too soon?