Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Utah. Idaho. In that order. To be continued.

omg, this post took me DAYS of loading one picture at a time whenever I had the chance. Anyway, here's the trip so far.

In Heber, Utah:

A concert at the Heber Farmer's Market - death grip on Ada after her thousandth attempt to make it on stage:

Lunch at Tarahumara. I later discovered a huge smudge on my lens, hence the blurriness:

At my aunt Mariann's house for dinner:

With my cousin Erin:

First day in Idaho - Ada meeting my mom's horses (sure wish I could fix that creepy eye):


Jill, playing with her food:

My friend Christa just left today - that's another post. Jon gets here on Sunday, hooray!

The bad news: I took my poor sand-filled camera to Best Buy and they said it'll cost more than it's worth to fix it :(

The good news: Jon's sister Kelsey is due any day now with her second little girl, and she LIVES IN REXBURG, so we'll be here when it happens! I can't wait to see if the new baby has my nose!


  1. I would rather have the photo of me with bigface than that one of me on my bad side. Switch it?

  2. Then I would be an enabler. I deleted it instead.

  3. The pic/s with a smudge on the lens is actually an app, that I invented.