Saturday, August 28, 2010

Idaho-tastic (still)

Lots of pictures to bring you up to date, sort of.

Christa and me [and Annie, check the reflection]! So much fun!

Unplanned matching outfits.

The first of many Ada/Gunner pictures in this post. Both of the dogs are super sweet with her, but she likes Gunner the best. Probably because he doesn't even bat an eye when she falls on him/steps on his feet.

Waiting for her turn on the Porter Park carousel.

Corinne timed this picture so Ada would be in the background. I thought it was slightly hilarious. FYI, the horse she's on has the seal of Idaho painted on its rump. Go Gem State! We watched the carousel for two full cycles and chose that horse specifically for Ada, then my mom fought another grandma to the death over it, in my mind.

Penny perched on the arm. Cracks me right up.

Ada wandered all over the house (and Gunner's crate) eating a little rice cracker and the dogs followed her everywhere, staring intently at it.

And the most exciting thing of all - Jon's sister Kelsey had her baby girl on the 26th! Her name is Scarlett Hope and we saw her before she was even an hour old. It was so awesome. [I took millions of pictures but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them yet.]

That's the news. We have less than a week left here! Time sure flies when you're doing stuff!

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