Tuesday, August 17, 2010

clearly not a pro

This post was originally going to have pictures, but I overestimated my parent's internet connection. After ten minutes of the computer thinking for ONE photo, I gave up. Another day.

So I made it home. I met my sisters in Salt Lake City and we spent a couple of days in Heber at Annie's house before making the trip to St Anthony (or Satanthony, as Jon calls it). We've been doing a lot of nothing - eating, laughing, playing games...just the way I like it. My friend Christa is coming up TODAY to spend a couple of nights here and I'm beside myself excited. So that's the news...I'll elaborate more on everything later, when I can include pictures, but just one story before I take off. This might have been the hardest I've laughed so far this trip:

So last night, Annie asked me to cut her hair. I set her on a chair in the kitchen where the rest of the family had gathered, arranged her locks just so with a comb, took my first snip, and CUT A HOLE IN HER SHIRT.

I sort of froze, not knowing quite what to say. Finally, after about ten seconds, I admitted, "Uhhh...I have really bad news".

Sorry, Annie :(