Sunday, June 13, 2010

the opposite of 'couth'

1)  I DID THE WORST THING EVER YESTERDAY.  It was morning, we were at the beach, Jon took a picture.  So he goes to hand the camera back to me... I had it in my grip - butterfingers - and it landed, LENS OPEN, face-down in the sand.  So basically it's ruined forever.  I have a sliver of hope that it can be fixed when we're in Idaho, but who knows what they'll charge?  What if it ends up costing more than the camera's worth??  Or what if they charge us 200 bucks just to open it up and say, "We can't fix this"???  I have some anxiety concerning it.  But luckily Jon stayed my hand when I tried to throw away the old Canon Powershot A520 after buying the fancy Panasonic (less than a year ago!!  Blast my clumsy phalanges!!!!) so we've at least got back-up.  But, also, uggghhhhhhhh.

2)  Two funny things.

     a)  The brown bull and his harem returned to the lot across from Darcy and Lianna's house the other evening.  We were standing outside on the porch, observing the grazing herd, when suddenly the bull hacked a horrendous cough and his most recent mouthful of grass came flying out of his mouth.  We laughed for an hour.

     b)  After our Friday night pizza dinner, I was entertaining-slash-terrifying Pearl with this face:

 ...and after recovering from the initial shock, she tried to imitate me by jamming her fingers up her nostrils and FORGOT TO BREATHE.  She gasped for air; We laughed for two hours.



  1. LOL why won't my comp let me put that pic as my desktop background??? argh

  2. Too funny about Pearl. Classic! At least you guys are having fun and laughing while you are there!

  3. Jessie you look like a monster in that pic. I'm just sayin'.