Saturday, August 21, 2010

we're going to need more combs

Just before we arrived at Annie's house in Heber last week, they'd had some sod put in on the piece of property between the road and the sidewalk. While we were there, Steve (very much a perfectionist) actually ran outside to his small grassy plot to fluff the area where a neighbor had just stepped. We joked that when the day comes, he'll be following his kids around the yard with a comb evening out their little footprints. He explained to us that it has less to do with looks and more to do with ensuring that the grass takes root properly, but his actions made such an impact on us that when Corinne tramped across the exact same spot the next day, Annie and I let out a collective gasp. Oooooo! Walking on Steve's grass! I'm telling!

Anyway, there's a point, and here it is:

Annie posted these pictures on Facebook tonight - the tragic result of widening their driveway. I dragged Corinne into the computer room as she was getting ready for bed and have NEVER seen her laugh so hard. Borderline maniacal. I'm sure I looked about the same. We were rolling - literally ROLLING on the floor, clutching our sides, crying. When we finally regained some control, we woke my mom up and started all over again.

Sorry Steve. But, wow. Just wow.


  1. Still laughing. Good thing I had that towel to mop up my tears.

  2. That one's gonna take some serious fluffing...sniff.

  3. Corinne was worried you might be all vacant and drooling, like Dr Leo Marvin at the end of What About Bob. I'm glad to see you're not.

  4. I actually had that exact image cross my mind. Probably because we just watched it. But no, Steve wasn't even very upset about it, which I thought was remarkable.