Sunday, August 08, 2010

oh, don't mind me

The idea is to get my blog all caught up-to-date before I leave for Utah/Idaho tomorrow (for a month!!). And I'm sort of in a hurry (still have stuff to do before I leave!), so enjoy the haphazard compilation of pictures with minimal commentary.

Lianna and me at Ocean View Terrace

Tandy, Hina, and me at Smoke Alley - fun night of friends, music, and dancing

Hina jumping into the picture at the last second

Tandy, me, and Reena

Me, clearly having fun. I never knew I looked so obnoxious when I throw my head back to laugh :/

Tandy, reenacting the best moment of the night - when she screamed and ran away from a local guy trying to creep up on her on the dance floor. TWICE.
There have also been tons of beach days with this little face that I love:

I'm a huge fan of this sneaky shot that my friend Ally took, even though I look like a crazy person walking out into the water. Or maybe especially because I look like a crazy person walking out into the water. There's a deposit of broken shells and rocks just beyond the shoreline that requires a balancing act to maneuver.

Yesterday I went snorkeling and saw a HUGE ray (like five feet across) and a rockfish! Right near the shore! I swam right over it and barely realized what it was - it looked JUST like the algae-covered rock next to it. They have poisonous barbs that can cause a lot of pain if you step on it, so it sort of freaked me out.

Anyway, I'm planning on blogging while I'm home, but this is goodbye for at least a few days-ish.

......okay bye.


  1. 1, LOVE that pic of us at ocean view terrorist. 2, the pic of you laughing makes my MONTH and there are SEVERAL other great things about that picture! 3, we're going to MISS you a LOT, just fyi. :(

  2. Can you just be here already?

  3. That looks like such fun!!!

  4. Srsly, just GET here!