Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back on the Rock

We made it safe and sound. This was the longest trip ever – over 24 hours of travel time from start to finish, and would you believe that only two ridiculous things happened to us from point A to point B?

First, Jon’s seat from Salt Lake to Atlanta was stuck in a partially reclined position, and when it came time to land the flight attendant was giving him the third degree, demanding over and over that he return it to the full upright position and refusing to believe us that it was stuck. When he walked off in a huff 50 seconds later, he still thought Jon was a lying, contrary hooligan trying to ruin his day.

Second, when we were in the queue for our Win-Air hop from St Maarten to Statia, a man behind us was distractedly toying around with the lineup ropes (presumably out of boredom – we were waiting an outrageously long time considering how few of us there were). Anyway, one of them slipped from his grasp and recoiled at 100 miles per hour, whipping people left and right. I had to turn around so he wouldn’t see me laughing, but I'm sure the shaking shoulders were a dead giveaway.

Some pictures from our last couple of days in Idaho, plus our trip home, plus our first couple of days back:

The view on our way back from lunch in Driggs

At Big Juds. LOVE the little smirk on Ada's face.
Obscene amount of out-the-window airplane pictures. We flew from St Maarten to Statia at sunset. Gorge.


Landing on Statia (St Kitt's in the distance)

It was sort of a real plane!! With tall seats, buckle-your-seatbelt lights, and a divider separating the cockpit! And we got there in half the time! Usually these little puddle jumpers are hard times.

Tiny baby cow in the graveyard.

Pearl wearing my Keens at the beach

Double complete rainbow over the Quill! I'm a magnet for these things!

PS - It should be ILLEGAL to open a bag of beef jerky in an enclosed space occupied by other people.


  1. Glad you made it back safe and sound. My feet look like that too when I try on your shoes.

  2. Mom is laughing at Corinne's comment. Great pics. I'm glad you all made it home safe and sound.

  3. The beef jerky thing has happened to you more than once, hasn't it?

  4. loved the pics- esp the first idaho one. soo pretty. i, too, enjoyed corinne's comment. lol pearl's feet are sooo tiny and fat! :)
    the sunset pics were amazing too. fanksss..

  5. Glad you are safe and sound. That little Ada is so dang cute!