Monday, March 08, 2010

kids these days

I feel about these twin baby goats how I felt towards a certain baby giraffe last year. They live in the yard of a neighbor down the street, but are constantly escaping with their mother and raising as much of a raucous as tiny little bleating baby goat voices can possibly raise. Every time we spot them, I race outside with my camera hoping to snap some pictures. The other day we heard them as we were nearing home after a grocery shopping excursion, and sighted them in the vegetation right by the side of the road. My voice immediately went up nine octaves and I sent Jon the rest of the way home by himself to retrieve the camera. But before he could return, their barefooted owner came running over in a threadbare bra and gathered them up to bring home.

Pictures! These are all from a few weeks ago, when they were brand spanking new, umbilical cords and all. They’re a little bigger now. Also, the sun was setting, so the lighting was weird and my camera really let me down.

I’ve yet to get a picture of the two of them together….weird.

I set my size 8 flip-flop there for size reference. I mean….I found this gross old discarded flip-flop and kicked it over next to it……….oh gosh, this is embarrassing. These are the terrible flip-flops I bought out of necessity in the Chicago Midway airport in August. It’s not my fault they turned out to be really comfortable. They have since been washed.


  1. Finding a comfortable pair of flip flops is impossible (unless, apparently, you live in Australia). I bought a pair of flip flops my sophomore year of high school for $1 (yes, $.50 per flop) and wore them nearly every day until they finally succumbed to the mileage near the end of my junior year. I now own 6 pairs of flip flops...which I never wear.

  2. I'm glad you didn't get a picture of the threadbare bra.

  3. It wasn't that great....