Wednesday, September 09, 2009

On the way

Getting here was not easy. That isn't an allusion to the trials we overcame while Jon was completing his undergrad, I mean that we missed our connection in Chicago. I don’t really want to talk about it, I’ll just say it involved an incorrect assessment of the time, two hot dogs, and a broken flip-flop. Unfortunately, this mishap landed us in New York about 5 hours after we had originally planned to be there. Annie, whose flight landed minutes after ours did (without us aboard), had to take a cab all by herself to Corinne’s apartment. She’ll recover. My foot, which ran shoeless through Midway, may not.

My sister had a baby. It came out of her womb. And I got to spend 5 days with that little baby in New York City before we headed to the island. She’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen, plus, she can wink, CHECK IT OUT.

She also does a killer impersonation of John Goodman.

Our days in New York were fun and relaxing. We ate good food, spent time in Central Park, and went to a couple of museums. Here's Jon in the Natural History Museum. He was pretty excited to be there.

Also in the Natural History Museum:

My face adequately sums up how I felt about being shoved out of the secret passageway behind the giant amethyst by a double stroller.

Anyway, I'm posting this at the school and Jon's getting antsy to get home so I have to run. Still no internet! WTH??

PS- for better pictures of baby Ada, check out Corinne and Kyle's friend Josh's photography blog. He photographed Shawn Johnson right before photographing my niece, so I'm pretty much famous.


  1. Hope your foot recovers, nobody likes a whiny foot! Glad you are there though, just take as many pictures as possible, cause who knows after med school when you will ever get back there!

  2. She came out of MY womb. Crazy!! Scary to think I'm someone's mom.
    Glad you're enjoying the island. Can't wait to visit.

  3. Yay, pictures!

    I'm sorry that your foot had a bad experience, I'm sure it will recover. I have to admit I feel more sorry for Annie. If I had to take a cab in New York all by myself I'd probably lapse into a paranoid fit and end up being admitted to the psych ward.

  4. Actually it wasn't that hard.

  5. Ada is adorable. I can't get over the winking picture, it is awesome. I keep coming back to look. . . I'm creepy like that.